Elder Law Society


Our mission is to connect students interested in Elder Law with meaningful pro bono opportunities and rich, hands-on learning experiences in service of the local senior community.

The Elder Law Society accomplishes our mission by:

  1. Creating legal and non-legal pro bono experiences within the local senior community
  2. Pursuing opportunities for pro bono by participating in large events specific to Elder Law
  3. Expanding education outside the classroom by featuring experienced professionals as guest speakers
  4. Partnering with the Center for Excellence in Elder law for meaningful experiences in Elder Law
  5. Collaborating with other student organizations to support a well rounded student experience


Victoria Benson
[email protected]

Vice President
Maya Trevathan
[email protected]

Lauren Armstrong
[email protected]

Natalie Taylor
[email protected]

Public Relations
Sierra Fackler
[email protected]

2L Representative
Rachel Propper
[email protected]

Faculty Advisor
Professor Rebecca Morgan

News and Events

International elder law expert visits Stetson Law, discusses issues impacting aging populations around the world

Dr. Israel Doron spoke with students at Stetson Law on Sept. 29. Photo by Steven Lacks