Student Animal Legal Defense Fund


The Animal Legal Defense Fund strives to fill a void in the legal profession regarding animals. ALDF does not oppose the proper and respectful use of animals, but rather helps defend and protect innocent animals against abuse, misuse, and violations of state and federal laws and regulations. ALDF primarily focuses on legal pro bono work and is affiliated only with the National Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Animal Legal Defense Fund


This student organization is currently inactive.  If you would like to re-establish this student organization please email [email protected]


The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund volunteering at Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Fla.

student volunteers

Large group of volunteers

Small group of volunteers

The Student Animal Legal Defense Fund participated in the SPCA of Tampa Bay Pet Walk on Oct. 20, 2012. 


Volunteers walking pets at the Tampa Bay Pet Walk

Stetson Law Animal Legal Defense Fund group outside courtyard