Flat-Rate Tuition Explained

Beginning in fall 2024, Stetson Law is changing how we charge for tuition by going to a tuition guarantee system. The new flat-rate model will help full-time and part-time J.D. students feel more certain about their financial future during their time at law school. Students will know exactly how much they will be paying in tuition during their time here. Tuition will not increase while one is a J.D. student in continuous study at Stetson Law.

One flat price for tuition. Tuition will remain the same as it is the semester one starts as a 1L.

By adopting this model, we are helping to eliminate our students’ uncertainty about how much they will be paying in tuition while at Stetson Law. Students will be able to better plan their finances. We believe less financial stress will make for more successful students.

Not at all, in fact, many U.S. universities have already established flat-rate tuition. It is becoming increasingly popular as nationwide research suggests it increases academic success and degree completion.

Flat-rate tuition applies only to full-time and part-time J.D. students entering Fall 2024 and later.


No. Those have a different rate due to condensed times.

The flat rate guaranteed tuition policy will have no impact on financial aid. Eligible students will be offered aid up to their full cost of attendance.

If a class is dropped after drop/add, there will be no effect on the tuition. If a student withdraws from school during the semester, the published Tuition Refund Policy would apply. Students receiving federal aid, however, should reach out to the Office of Student Financial Planning before dropping or withdrawing to see if there will be an impact to their federal aid.