Bankruptcy Judicial Externship

2 - 4 Credit Hours 

(variable credits enrollments available: requires 42.5 hours per credit)

Overseeing Professor:
Professor Theresa Radwan 
[email protected]

Program Description:
Students are assigned to work with bankruptcy judges in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division. Working closely with judges and law clerks, students perform research and writing assignments related to cases pending before the court. Students also attend judicial proceedings and observe the courtroom performances of counsel (e.g., motion hearings, mediations, arbitrations, and trials), related to cases on which they have worked.

Placement Location:
• United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division

Program Requirements:
• 42.5 hours per credit; (not offered in the summer) and
• 2-3 group and individual meetings per semester.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Successful completion of all first-year required courses;
• Be in good academic standing;
• Successful completion of Bankruptcy (unless waived by overseeing professor); and
• Pass background check.

Application Requirements
• Submit a completed application by the appropriate deadline (for more information, visit our Clinics and Externships page); and
• Timely submit additional documentation as required for this program. (Students are notified of additional requirements after applying and being provisionally placed in the program.)

Please note this externship is NOT available during the summer semesters.