Course Opportunities - Clinics and Externships


Greg Barton
Student participant in Public Defender Clinic
"Participating in the clinic has allowed me to actually practice law. There isn't a substitute for that. It's an invaluable learning experience in that it allows you to get a trial run on your future profession, and it opens your eyes to what you like, questions you might have, and things you never thought of before."


Victoria Chiaramonte
Student participant in Child Advocacy Clinic
"The most beneficial aspect of the clinic was having attorneys in the office who were patient and willing to teach me, and having a supervising attorney who was there to correct me, encourage me and show me how to be a better advocate."


Lakeisha Simms
Student participant in Local Government Clinic
"A typical day included meeting with different assistant city attorneys to determine what issues the attorneys needed help with. I would then research the issues and write memoranda or charts to help the attorney convey the answer to the various city departments needing help. The clinic program is the ideal way to practice the skills you learn in the classroom and get feedback from practicing attorneys. It is also a great way to test whether you will enjoy a particular practice area."


Charles Near
Student participant in Prosecution Clinic
"The clinic program prepares you in ways that other experiences cannot. It allows for students to receive actual courtroom experience by arguing in front of judges and juries. I feel at home in a courtroom and comfortable working with witnesses. I would not feel this way if Stetson had not given me opportunities to work in these venues."