Military Justice Externship

3 Credit Hours

Overseeing Professor:
Charles H. Rose III

Program Description:
Students will have the opportunity to work under the direct supervision of attorneys serving in the Judge Advocate General Corp of either the Army or Air Force.  Students will gain experience and familiarity with the Uniform Code of Military Justice and its application to service members.  Areas of the law will include administrative law, criminal law, estate planning, constitutional issues and assessment of liability.  Typical duties will include research, writing, and preparation of documents as well as limited participation in military proceedings.

 Placement Locations:
• 53rd Infantry Brigade, Florida National Guard, Pinellas Park

Program Requirements:
• 120 hours per semester;
• Meet with overseeing professor;
• Weekly time logs;
• Weekly journal entries; and
• Academic activities assigned by the overseeing professor.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Successful completion of all first-year required courses;
• Successful completion of Professional Responsibility and Evidence;
• Be in good academic standing; and
• Fulfill any other requirements of the hosting law firm placement, including completing a background check or possess necessary clearance.  

Application Requirements:
• Submit a completed application by the appropriate deadline (for more information, see; and
• Timely submit additional documentation as required for this program. (Students are notified of additional requirements after applying and being provisionally placed in the program.)