How to Apply - Clinics and Externships

*Applications are to be submitted online at:

*For anyone encountering error messages when uploading their documents in the system, please email PDF copies of your resume, transcript, and personal statement to You will then be contacted when your documents are added and you are free to complete the application.*

Note: The online application may not work well with some older browsers. If you experience difficulty, please try updating your web browser or try using Chrome or Firefox.

In addition to completing the application, you must upload PDF versions of the following documents*:

  • Current résumé;
  • Unofficial Stetson transcript (with class rank);
  • Statement(s) of interest;
  • If applicable, a full explanation of any alleged Honor Code violations; and
  • If applicable, a full explanation of any alleged criminal violations.

Individual Externship Application - The individual externship has a separate program application (all other clinic and externship applicants must complete the web application above).

» Download the Individual Externship Application (.DOCX)

* All applications, résumés, transcripts, statements of interest, and all disclosures involving Honor Code violations or criminal violations will be reviewed by overseeing professors and may be forwarded to the hosting agency or placement.

Again, these documents must be in PDF format. Please have all of the necessary documents available before you begin the application. After submitting a completed application, you will have the ability to print a copy for your records.

If you experience any technical difficulties while attempting to complete the application, notify the Clinical Education Department at immediately.

Helpful Hints:

  • On converting your résumé, statements of interest, and transcript into PDF files
    For your résumé and statements of interest, open the document through Microsoft Word and use the "Save As" function to save as a PDF. For your transcript, simply cut-and-paste from Banner Web into a Word document (you may need to play with the margins some), then save as a PDF.
  • On uploading more than one statement of interest
    The application system will only accept one file for your statement(s) of interest. Therefore, multiple statements of interest must be combined into a single file. Please use clear headings to indicate the program(s) to which each statement pertains.
  • On making a change or correction to your application
    Simply return to the application system and submit a corrected application by the deadline