How to Apply - Clinics and Externships

The application for Fall 2023 Clinics and Externships is now open and will close April 17th! The deadline for Summer 2023 Clinics and Externships has passed. Any applications we receive past March 24th will be flagged at late.

Summer 2023 Application

Fall 2023 Application


>> Application Preview (PDF)

The application will require you to upload PDF versions of the following documents:

  • Current résumé;
  • Unofficial Stetson transcript (with class rank);
  • Cover Letter(s);
  • If applicable, a copy of your Florida Bar Character and Fitness clearance;
  • If applicable, a full explanation of any alleged Honor Code violations; and
  • If applicable, a full explanation of any alleged criminal violations.

* All applications, résumés, transcripts, cover letters, and all disclosures involving Honor Code violations or criminal violations will be reviewed by overseeing professors and may be forwarded to the hosting agency or placement.

Again, these documents must be in PDF format. Please have all of the necessary documents available before you begin the application. 

If you experience any technical difficulties while attempting to complete the application, notify the Clinical and Experiential Education Department at [email protected] immediately.

Helpful Hints:

  • On converting your résumé, cover letter(s), and transcript into PDF files
    For your résumé and cover letter(s), open the document through Microsoft Word and use the "Save As" function to save as a PDF. For your transcript, hit "print" and the in the select printer function, select "print to PDF" then save as a PDF.
  • On preparing your resume and cover letter(s)
    We encourage you to meet with the Office of Career and Professional Development to have your resume and draft cover letter reviewed prior to the application window.
  • On your cover letter specifics
    Address your cover letter to the clinic or externship overseeing professor. Write about what you hope to gain from the experience, and how you will grow professionally and personally. Consider why your past choices inform your current pursuits, and how your intended placement will impact your career goals and skill development. Use formatting consistent with the guidelines shared by the Office of Career and Professional Development.
  • On preparing your disclosures
    Any disclosure you must submit should be concise, direct, and discuss only relevant facts and details. If you have made the same disclosure on your Stetson Law admissions application, or your application to the Florida Bar, please mirror the language used.  If the circumstances surrounding your disclosure have prompted you to change, modify, or reconsider behavior patterns and you believe this information is relevant, you may include, in a limited capacity.