Elder and Disability Law Externship

4 Credit Hours

(variable credit enrollments may be available during the COVID-19 pandemic)

Overseeing Professor:
Professor Roberta Flowers

Program Description:

Students will observe hearings, examine guardianship files, review fee petitions, assist with drafting of reports and recommendations, and conduct research on issues pending before the magistrates. In the legal aid placements, students are introduced to the actual practice of law, representing low income individuals primarily in the areas of government entitlement programs and financial stability.

Placement Location:
• Guardianship Hearing Master (Sixth and Thirteenth Circuits)
• Bay Area Legal Services (Tampa)
• Circuit Court Trial Judge - Probate Division, 6th Judicial Circuit, Pinellas County.

Program Requirements:
• 170 hours per semester;
• 25 pages of work product;
• Weekly timesheets and detailed report; and
• Periodic meetings with overseeing professor.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Successful completion of all first-year required courses;
• Be in good academic standing;
• Successful completion of Elder Law (preferred); and
• Pass background check.

Application Requirements:
• Submit a completed application by the appropriate deadline (for more information, visit our Clinics and Externships page); and
• Timely submit additional documentation as required for this program. (Students are notified by the overseeing professor of additional requirements after applying and being provisionally placed in the program.)