Moot Court Board - Prospective Members

Students may gain entry to the Moot Court Board via two avenues:

  • Students may be invited to interview for the Moot Court Board based upon participation in the First-Year Appellate Advocacy Competition that occurs at the end of the Research and Writing II classes (for both the full-time and part-time classes). Or
  • Students may be invited to join after participating in the Annual Advocacy Board Workshop and Tryouts, held at the beginning of May, each year. To learn more, please visit Advocacy Workshop and Tryouts Information

Note: Students must complete Research and Writing II to be eligible for the Moot Court Board.  In addition, students must achieve at least a 3.0 average in R&W I and R&W II to be eligible.

The Moot Court Board is continuously searching for students who strive for excellence and desire to further their written and oral advocacy skills. Those interested in joining Stetson's Moot Court Board should contact the Moot Court Director, Professor Brooke Bowman, at [email protected].