students participate in a Trial Team practice

Advocacy Board Tryout Process

In spring 2016, a new tryout process for our Advocacy Boards — Dispute Resolution (DR), Trial Team, and Moot Court Board was started. Students will participate in a three-day workshop/tryout, during which time they will learn about some of the advocacy skills applicable to all three Boards and individual Boards, as well as be evaluated on specific skills.

For the 2019 Advocacy Workshop/Tryouts, please "hold" the following days:

  • Monday, May 13
  • Tuesday, May 14
  • Wednesday, May 15

Special notes concerning the Workshop:  Students registered to try out for the Dispute Resolution Board and/or the Trial Team will be evaluated on a number of skills exercises during the Workshop.  After the completion of the Workshop, the DR and Trial Team Directors will determine which students will be advancing to the final rounds of the tryouts that will take place on Friday, May 17 (for the Dispute Resolution Board) and Sunday, May 19 (for the Trial Team).

Students registered to tryout for the Moot Court Board will complete an interview and a number of exercises, but all candidates will participate in the oral argument portion of the tryouts (scheduled for Saturday, May 18, 2019).

In addition, for those students registered to try out for two Boards, the Advocacy Board directors will make sure that skills exercises and workshops do not conflict, so that the students can try out for two Boards.

The Advocacy Board Tryouts, for the most part, will occur the following weekend:

  • Friday, May 17, morning and early afternoon — Final Rounds of the Dispute Resolution Board Tryouts

  • Saturday, May 18, afternoon and evening, and possibly Sunday, May 19, afternoon — Oral Argument portion of the Moot Court Board Tryouts

  • Sunday, May 19, all day -- Final Rounds of the Trial Team Tryouts

A special note on the Moot Court tryouts: There are two components to the Moot Court Tryouts — the oral arguments (which will occur on May 18, and possibly May 19) and a writing exercise. After the oral argument portion of the tryouts, the Moot Court Director will determine which students are proceeding to the next step in the process, the writing exercise.  The writing exercise (not a full appellate brief) will be distributed in mid-May, but will not be due until early to mid-June.

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