students participate in a Trial Team practice

Advocacy Boards Tryouts Process

Information regarding the 2023 Advocacy Boards Tryouts:

  • Tuesday, April 4: Join Professor Adams, Professor Vanderzee, and Professor Bowman in the Great Hall at 5:00 p.m. for the tryouts informational meeting.  (This informational meeting will be recorded and posted to the 2023 Advocacy Boards Tryouts TWEN page on Westlaw.)
  • Tuesday, April 4--Friday, April 21 (at 7:59 p.m.): Registration for the 2023 Advocacy Board Tryouts has closed. 
  • Deadline to withdraw from the tryouts is Thursday, May 11 (at 12:00 noon):  To withdraw from tryouts, please email Professor Bowman at [email protected]).
  • The tryouts for each Board will differ, so consult each Board's Local Rules for the details about that Board's processes and timelines.
  • Eligibility:  In order to participate in the tryouts, a student must have completed R&W II.

Registration for this year's tryouts has closed.

Questions? Please contact Professor Bowman at [email protected].