Fees and Fines



Vehicle registration fees are $100.00 for students.

Additional parking permits are available for a fee of $100.00 per additional vehicle registered.

Bicycle and Scooter registration is free of charge.

Student parking permits are valid for one year and expire on August 15. All parking fees/fines are attached to each individual person's account and must be paid at the Office of Student Accounts in the Welcome Center.

Replacement Parking Permits

Residential students who change halls during the academic year must obtain a new parking permit if they change zones. In this case, there is no charge for a new permit.

If a vehicle is replaced or changed during the academic year - the registration of the new vehicle details replaces the previous information entered during initial registration and there is no charge for the replacement decals. 

If the student intends to use both vehicles on campus, the new registration counts as an additional parking permit.

Temporary Parking Permits

If you have a vehicle on campus for a period of fewer than 14 days, you can obtain a temporary permit from the Office of Public Safety at no charge. This service applies to substitute vehicles when yours is being repaired, a parent's vehicle that was loaned to you at the beginning or end of the term and other, similar circumstances.

Faculty, Staff and Visitors

If you receive a ticket for a parking violation, it may be paid at the Bursar's Office, located in the Welcome Center at 529 N. Woodland Boulevard on the DeLand campus.