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What is Green, White and YOU?

Green, White & YOU (GW&YOU) is Stetson University’s Student Philanthropy program. GW&YOU is designed to teach the importance of staying connected to the university by educating current students on all the ways they can give back—now and in the future. The organization is comprised of fun, dedicated, philanthropic-spirited students who love Stetson. They work together to educate and engage their fellow students in activities and events that highlight Stetson as a philanthropic cause worthy of the investment of their time, talent, treasure and ties.

Student Support Foundation Logo

What is the Student Support Foundation?

The Student Support Foundation – Stetson University (SSF) is a donor-funded, student-led organization sponsored by the Morgridge Family Foundation. SSF provides immediate financial relief to Stetson students suffering from critical personal, professional or educational hardship through this generous collaboration. Alongside its student-facilitated philanthropic leadership, SSF engages with the Stetson community through sustainable volunteer events and fundraising opportunities each semester. These activities represent the university’s values in action: intellectual development, personal growth and global citizenship.


Fall Events

  • I <3 SU
  • Pay It Forward Day
  • Thank-A-Donor Day
  • December Toast

Spring Events

  • 100 Days until Graduation
  • Love-A-Donor Day
  • Dunkin’ for Donors
  • Senior Toast

Membership Roster

Annual Events

Profile picture of Connor profile.
Vice President
Connor L '24
Linda L '26
Cassidy A '27


Profile picture of Sophia profile.
Vice President
Sophia A '25
Jamar F '24
Darbi R '26
Carly B '27


Profile picture of Tyler profile.
Vice President
Tyler L '24
Anahi C '26
Cailin R '25
Kaleb C '25
Madison V '27

Philanthropy Education

Profile picture of Frances profile.
Vice President
Frances R '24
Peyton S '24
Mary P ‘24
Helena P '25
Stephanie C '25

Senior Initiatives

Profile picture of Emmaline profile.
Vice President
Emmalina S '25
Jocelyn R '26
Charlotte H '26
Keenyah C '27
Laila B '27

Student Support Foundation

Profile picture of Jazlyn profile.
Vice President
Jazlyn G ‘26
Stephanie V '24
Mariia B ‘26
Savannah M ‘27

Senior Class Gift

Your Gift, Your Choice is all about you and the places you want to support on campus. Gifts given to Stetson are directly given to their designation, and we encourage you to give back to that special place on campus. Make your Senior Class $20.23, representing your graduating class to receive a donor zipper pull.


Donate Your $20.23