Academic Internship Program

You can earn academic credit for your internship! An academic internship is a partnership between the student, faculty instructor and internship site supervisor.

Academic Internship Program

Academic Internship Program

Step 1

Complete the Internship Pre-Approval Form (to the best of your ability) and submit the form to your Faculty Internship Instructor for review.

Step 2

If the Faculty Internship Instructor approves your internship for academic credit in your major/minor, ask the instructor for a “Permission of Instructor” override so you can register for the course.

Step 3

Register for the course through MyStetson.

Step 4

To finalize internship course registration, complete the four additional requirements outlined below.

Requirements for Academic Internships

Once you have registered for your internship course (to receive academic credit), you must complete four requirements to finalize your course registration. Access the needed forms, dates/times of the orientation sessions, and track registration status through the One Stop tab in MyStetson.

  1. Attend one of the offered Internship Orientations
  2. Complete an Academic Internship Application
  3. Complete an Internship Liability Waiver
  4. Review and sign an Internship Learning Agreement once your Academic Internship Application has been approved by the Department Chair

All four requirements must be completed by the Internship Registration Deadline for each semester as noted on the Academic Calendar (DeLand Campus) or students risk being administratively withdrawn from their internships courses.

Internship Evaluations

Evaluations of academic internships are available for both students and internship site supervisors. These evaluations are provided as templates for Faculty Internship Instructors. Each evaluation can be customized per departmental needs.

Stetson University Student Evaluation

Stetson University Site Supervisor Evaluation