Academic Internship Course Registration - Students

Have you secured an internship? Do you know that you can earn academic credit for internships related to your studies? Follow the steps below to enroll in an academic internship course while you participate in your internship.

  1. How to Initiate Academic Internship Course RegistrationIdentify the faculty member teaching an internship course related to your studies by conducting a Class Search for the desired semester. Select “Internship” from the Interdisciplinary Programs drop-down list. (If you do not see a particular course listed, contact Career and Professional Development at [email protected] or 386-822-7315).
  2. Meet with your Faculty Internship Course Instructor to request academic credit for your internship and learn about course requirements. It is important to prepare for this meeting using the Academic Internship Guide.
  3. Your Faculty Internship Instructor will want to know about the details of your experience and your learning objectives. If your instructor approves your internship for academic credit, ask them for a Permission of Instructor override, which will allow you to register for the appropriate internship course.
  4. Register for the course through myStetson, as you do for all other academic courses.

How to Finalize Academic Internship Course Registration

Access the following forms and track your progress through the One Stop tab in myStetson.

  1. Participate in an Internship Orientation
  2. Submit Academic Internship Application (to be reviewed by your Faculty Internship Instructor and Department Chair)
  3. Review and sign Internship Liability Waiver
  4. Review and sign an Internship Learning Agreement once your Academic Internship Application has been approved

All four requirements must be completed by the Internship Registration Deadline for each semester as noted on the Academic Calendar (DeLand Campus). Students who miss this deadline, risk being administratively dropped from their internship course.