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Stetson University Webcams

Welcome to the Stetson University webcam website, where you can view live streaming video from any of our webcams on campus.

Fountain Cam

The fountain webcam is located at the duPont-Ball Library and overlooks the Palm Court and the historic Holler Fountain which resides between Sampson Hall, Elizabeth Hall and the duPont-Ball Library.

» View the Fountain Cam

Hat Rack Cam

This webcam is located inside the Hat Rack. The Hat Rack is an alternative place to eat on campus adjacent to the Commons in the Carlton Union Building and features a grill and an Einstein's Bagel shop.

» View the Hat Rack Cam

Atrium Cam

The atrium webcam is on the second of six floors that make up the Lynn Business Center atrium. From this vantage point you can see the lobby near the building's main entrance to the north side first floor.

» View the Atrium Cam

Trade Room Cam

The Roland George Investments Program is located on the third floor of the Lynn Business Center.

» View the Trade Room Cam

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