Moot Court Board - Prospective Members

Students may gain entry to the Moot Court Board via two avenues, each involving an interview with the moot court faculty advisor and alumni. Students may be invited to interview for the Moot Court Board based upon their performance in Research and Writing II or by demonstrating superior advocacy skills during a competitive tryout process that is conducted annually, each fall.

Note: Students must complete Research and Writing II to be eligible for the Moot Court Board.

The Moot Court Board is continuously searching for students who strive for excellence and desire to further their written and oral advocacy skills. Those interested in joining Stetson's Moot Court Board should contact the moot court advisor, Professor Brooke Bowman, at

Moot Court Justices

   (L-R): Darnesha Carter; Jeremy Rill, Chief Justice; and Erin Brennan

2015–2016 Chief Justice:

2015–2016 Associate Justices:

2015–2016 Moot Court Board Members:

  • Miles Archabal
  • Marissa Cioffi
  • Brittany Cover
  • Evan Dix
  • Lauren Eliopoulos
  • Tiffany Fanelli
  • Kasey Feltner
  • Lauren Fernandez
  • Jessica Ford
  • Adriana Foreman
  • Kris Galloway
  • Giovanni Giarratana
  • Kristina Hartman
  • Ryan Hedstrom
  • Danielle Jenkins
  • Correy Karbiener
  • Anna Kirkpatrick
  • Paige Lacy
  • Sterling Lovelady
  • Julius Matusewicz
  • Lara McGuire
  • Diego Pestana
  • Greg Pierson
  • Kevin Reali
  • Taylor Ryan
  • Nicole Santamaria
  • Chloe Wells
  • Natalie Yello