Stetson University

Family Law Internship


Overseeing Professor:
Cynthia H. Hawkins, Professor of Law

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Program Description:
Working closely with their assigned supervisors, students perform a variety of family-law related work. Students perform research and writing tasks, monitor case loads, examine files, review documents, and observe courtroom and/or mediation sessions.

Placement Locations*:
• Community Law Program (St. Petersburg)
• Florida Department of Children and Families (Sarasota)
• Gulfcoast Legal Services (St. Petersburg)
• Project Patchwork (St. Petersburg)
• CASA (St. Petersburg)

*Students' preferences for placement location are considered. However, Professor DeBose assigns students based on a number of factors and students may be assigned to any location listed above. If a student is unable to serve at a particular placement location, they must state their reasons in the statement of interest attached to the application.

Please note: Placements with family law judges are made through the Florida Circuit Court (Trial) Internship

Program Requirements:
• 120 hours per semester;
• Submission of detailed timesheets; and
• Submission of 10 pages of work product.

Eligibility Requirements:
• Successful completion of all first-year required courses;
• Be in good academic standing;
• Successful completion of Professional Responsibility (may be taken contemporaneously, at professor's discretion); and
• Successful completion of Family Law (may be taken contemporaneously, at professor's discretion).

Application Requirements:
• Submit a completed application by the appropriate deadline (for more information, see; and
• Timely submit additional documentation as required for this program. (Students are notified by the overseeing professor of additional requirements after applying and being provisionally placed in the program.)

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