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Courses - Economics Major

In addition to the School of Business General Education Requirements and School of Business Foundation Requirements, economics majors seeking a Bachelor of Business Administration take required courses in finance and economics.

ECON 300 - Intermediate Macroeconomics is an in-depth study of macroeconomic theoretical issues concerning the long run economic growth and short run business cycles with focus on such key variables as output/income, unemployment, price level/inflation, interest rate, exchange rate, and the interactions among them.

ECON 301 - Intermediate Microeconomics is an in-depth analysis of how consumers and producers arrange their economic activities efficiently in the market to maximize their returns from scarce resources.  Monopolies, oligopolies, monopolistic competition, and perfect competitive markets are studied as well as game theory and behavioral theories governing economic behavior.

FINA 303 - Money and Financial Institutions is a study of the role of money and the flow of funds in the financial process and their relationship to the U.S. and international financial systems. The course will also cover financial institutions and the characteristics of the main financial markets.  Prerequisite is ECON 103.

FINA 412 - Multinational Finance encompasses the financial management of multinational firms. Analysis is given of foreign exchange rate determination, international financial institutions and markets, and management of assets under international financial uncertainty.  Prerequisite is FINA 311.

Elective Courses

Included in the major requirements is selecting two Finance or Economics electives, of which one must be in Economics and one at the 400 level. General Electives of four additional courses can be in or outside of the School of Business Administration.  Popular electives are "Equity Fund Management", "Fixed Income Fund Management", "Econometrics", "Forecasting", "Business Law" and "International Business Culture".

Curriculum Requirements

As part of Business School curriculum, the requirements for Finance Major or Finance Minor, as well as the list of courses taught by Finance Department faculty can be found through the Stetson University Catalog.

  • Requirements for Economics, School of Business Major - see catalog page 213
  • Course descriptions for Finance - see page 227
  • Course descriptions for Economics - see catalog page 102
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