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Honoring their Sacrifice

The Pi Kappa Alpha brothers have made it “a top initiative to respect and acknowledge the service of our troops,” and are partnering with the Student Veterans Organization to host the Veterans Recognition Breakfast during Homecoming 2017.

PIKE brothers and the Student Veterans Organization (SVO) will host the second annual Veterans Recognition Breakfast on Sunday, Nov. 5, from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. in the Marshall & Vera Lea Rinker Welcome Center’s Lynn Presentation Room to conclude Stetson University’s Homecoming Week.

Jordan Ewud ’18 (left,) Bryce Simons ’18 (middle) and Kade Sharkey ’20 (right) are among the PIKE brothers working to honor veterans.

PIKE works to promote and fund the complimentary event, ensuring its success and making sure it is remembered by offering Official Event Commemorative T-shirts. The SVO also has Veterans Recognition Bricks available for purchase. The Veterans Recognition Bricks will be permanently placed in the center of campus, in front of the CUB, on the Walkway of Honor beneath the Flag of the United States of America.

All proceeds of the event assist the SVO in their yearly programming efforts to assist Stetson’s own student veterans.

Stetson’s SVO President Willian Howe, USMC, Retired, shared how tradition plays a vital role in the Veterans Recognition Breakfast.

“The breakfast provides a key touchstone they may lack since they left the service: Tradition,” he said.  “The Veterans Recognition Breakfast is a way for alumni who have served, faculty and staff who have served, and current students who have served can come together and acknowledge each other’s contribution to the defense of our nation.”

This year, the Veterans Recognition Breakfast is expected to have about 100 attendees. The breakfast serves as a tradition for the veterans and as a thank you for their service. Registration is available online.

Stetson flag and American flag in a little vase on a table at last year's veterans breakfast.“The [PIKE brothers] are critical to the success of the breakfast,” Howe said. “Quite simply, without the fundraising efforts of the Pi Kappa Alpha, the breakfast doesn’t happen. Period.”

John Sheehy, Career Development Coordinator of Career and Professional Development at Stetson University, created the event and initiated it on Stetson’s campus last year. He recognized PIKE’s hard work and success toward the Veterans Recognition Breakfast.

“[The PIKE Fraternity is] working hand in hand with the Student Veterans Organization to ensure the Veterans Recognition Breakfast event is funded, promoted and supported throughout the Stetson community,” he stated. “The PIKE brothers have felt a true and sincere calling to support our veterans and are making exceptional efforts in their fund-raising initiatives.”

The Veterans Recognition Breakfast appreciates all veterans — past and present — for their service, bravery, and sacrifice.

PIKE President Jordan Ewud stands in front of their fraternity house on the Stetson campus

PIKE President Jordan Ewud

PIKE President Jordan Ewud ’18 shared his appreciation for veterans.

“Pi Kappa Alpha has made it a top initiative to respect and acknowledge the service of our troops,” he noted. “Their sacrifice is the reason we are able to live freely as individuals, and furthermore congregate as a brotherhood week in and week out. Our veterans have taken the ultimate risk and they’re the reason that we are where we are today. They deserve all the credit. It’s an honor to help recognize them at this event on Stetson’s campus.”

Ewud said he is proud to be the president of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity on campus and cannot wait to see how the PIKE fraternity grows after he graduates in May.

“Every individual in our chapter has had an impact on our continued success. I am so proud of the leaders this organization has developed, the impact we’ve had on the local and outer communities, and the future successes yet to come.”

PIKE will be tabling through Nov. 10, Monday through Friday, in front of the CUB from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The commemorative T-shirts will be available for purchase, and donations are also accepted.

– Skye Schwartz ‘20, Alpha Xi Delta