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In its short history, Stetson Today has published more than 4,000 articles, announcements and calendar items. The flow of information is staggering. By completing this short form to submit your story idea, you'll help to define your idea, your audience, your messages and your objectives, all of which will help us tell the story better.

Please allow two weeks for the story to appear. The more information you can provide us up front, the faster we may be able to complete the story. If you don't feel there is time to develop a story, please consider using the Announcements or Calendar of Events.

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Story Information

Tell us each message in just a few sentences. Before hitting "Submit" below, give each message the "So what?" test. Ask yourself if the audience you're hoping to reach will truly care about this message or if they'll shrug and think, "So what?" If needed, revise your message to tell readers why this information matters to them right now. For example, give your audience information that will make them think: "Wow!," "That's cool!" or "I want to learn more."