Stetson Helps to Promote Pedestrian Safety

Stetson President Christopher F. Roellke, PhD, talks with FDOT District Five Secretary Jared Perdue and Jessica Ottaviano, FDOT’s public information director, at Oct. 15’s pedestrian safety event at Stetson.

Did you know there are four types of crosswalks?

Marked crosswalks likely are the most familiar to drivers and pedestrians. They are the portion of the road outlined by painted markings or a different texture of concrete or pavers. By contrast, unmarked crosswalks are the implied, invisible crosswalks that legally exist at any corner.

Meanwhile, uncontrolled crosswalks do not explicitly force cars to stop. They may have a safety feature such as yield-to-pedestrian signage. Finally, controlled crosswalks have a traffic signal or STOP sign.

Also, did you know that the penalty for violating Florida’s pedestrian traffic safety is a minimum $164 citation and three points on your license. And that’s the bare minimum, of course, in cases of injury or worse.

On Friday morning, Oct. 15, in recognition of National Pedestrian Safety Month, Stetson partnered with the Florida Department of Transportation to host an educational event about the importance of pedestrian safety.

The intersection of Woodland Boulevard and Minnesota Avenue

FDOT Secretary Kevin Thibault and FDOT District Five Secretary Jared Perdue, among others, were stationed near the corner of Woodland Boulevard and Minnesota Avenue — an especially busy intersection across the road from Flagler Hall. They provided pedestrian safety tips, information about engineered features that assist pedestrians (such as the audible crosswalk for walkers, including those with visual impairments) and discussed related laws. DeLand Mayor Roger Apgar also was present with other local legislators.

Stetson President Christopher F. Roellke, PhD, represented the university in talking about potential dangers of traveling by foot and the need for special care, not only for students but also the entire community. He was joined by, among others, Francisco Ortiz, Stetson’s director of Public Safety and Emergency Management coordinator, and Larry R. Correll-Hughes, PhD, Stetson’s co-interim vice president of Campus Life and Student Success.

Of particular concern for pedestrian safety is distracted walking with a cell phone. According to the FDOT, studies show that the number of pedestrian injuries due to cell phone use has increased 35% in the past 10 years.

One more question: Does that sound like you?

For more information, go to FDOT website