Weekly Update: New Test Results Page, Community Exposure Explained

Weekly Update 16

President’s Weekly Webinar

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Christopher Roellke, PhD

Join President Christopher F. Roellke, PhD, for a discussion on the status of athletics, student-athletes, training and potential for competition going later into this fall and our spring term. Jeff Altier, Director of Athletics, and several of our coaches (and student-athletes) will join President Roellke. This is open to students, faculty and staff for DeLand and Gulfport. Join us with your questions on Thursday, Sept. 10, 4-5 p.m. 

President’s Weekly Update webinar 
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Previous webinars are posted by date on Safer Stetson under Latest Updates. 

IT Support 
IT will provide Saturday support beginning this weekend from 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m. with an IT staff member and student worker. They will also provide weekday support from 8 a.m.-8 p.m., with staff and student worker support from 8 a.m.-6 p.m., and student worker support from 6-8 p.m. Blackboard support is available on a 24/7 basis (from their call center). 

Safer Campus Task Force Updates 

New Test Results Page Launches
One of the things you will notice immediately when you visit the revised COVID-19 Tracking page is a rather large, detailed dashboard of charts and stats. Developed by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, it reflects how well Stetson is managing the spread of COVID-19 on campus. But not just Stetson – all of us are responsible for ensuring that the spread of this disease remains as minimal as possible. Visit the page to see the changes. 

Stetson University Is in Tier 1 
The university continues to be in Tier 1, as we hope for a stabilization of active COVID positive cases on campus. Please familiarize yourself with Stetson’s Tiers. A more detailed description is available here. Every department should prepare for what a transition to Tier 2 would mean for their specific functions. 

What is Community Exposure and What Should I Do? 
“Community exposure” results when a person is near to someone who has COVID-19 (probably unknowingly at the time) but has not been in “close contact” with that person. Although less severe than close contact, community exposure to COVID-19 positive people still presents a potential health risk.  

If you have received an email telling you that you may have experienced community exposure, this was likely discovered through Stetson’s contact tracing. To find out more about what this means for you, please read this

Faculty Notifications and Dashboard Data 
The infrastructure supporting our tracking and response to cases of potential and confirmed COVID-19 is still being continually re-evaluated and improved as we learn more about what is needed to best support and inform our community. An update was implemented on Friday, Aug. 28, that allows for daily, automated notification to faculty of students entering and exiting isolation, and provides more detailed reporting data for the public data dashboard. Previously entered reports (prior to Aug. 28) do not have those enhancements, and it is possible that until those older reports cycle through the system a faculty member may receive a notice of isolation or clearance from isolation that does not align with the overall data dashboard’s new isolations for that day. For example, it is possible that we would publish a 0 for new isolations on a given date and then also notify a faculty member of a new isolation on that same date (which could make it look like we are trying to hide something). This happens as the system is time stamping with those new markers it didn’t have before.  

The best information available within the database is being used to facilitate our response and information, and we appreciate your understanding in this time of transition created by a valuable system improvement. If faculty have any questions about the notifications they receive, they should contact their associate dean. 

What Should I Do If I Feel Sick 

Any member of the Stetson community who has been to campus in the last 14 days and feels they may have come into direct contact with the virus causing COVID-19 or is experiencing flu-like symptoms (fever over 100.4, cough, shortness of breath, possible nausea/diarrhea, possible loss of taste/smell) should alert Stetson immediately. Fill out the Stetson University: COVID-19 Report a Concern Form. During business hours, call Health Service at 386-822-8150. After business hours, call Public Safety in DeLand, 386-822-7300; or College of Law, 727-343-1262. If you are concerned about someone else’s exposure, also let us know. Don’t just tell them to do so. This applies to all students, faculty and staff in DeLand and at the College of Law. See more information in Stetson’s Health Response Protocol