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Stetson University in the News, July 3 – 11, 2019

• Stetson University Professor of Biology Terence Farrell, Ph.D., was featured on July 10 in the Fox 13 article, “Parasites Invading Florida’s Snake Population,” which discusses the new parasites moving from released Burmese pythons to Florida’s native snake population. Farrell stated, “The parasite at this point, even if we got rid of the pythons, would still be here.” He also stated, “Though snakes strike fear in many humans, they’re defenseless against these tiny parasites.”

Stuart Michelson

• Stuart Michelson, Ph.D., Roland and Sarah George professor of Finance and chair of Finance, was quoted by U.S. News & World Report on June 25 in a story, “7 Things to Know About Index Funds vs. Mutual Funds.” Michelson said investors need to compare expense ratio and turnover for mutual funds because these directly impact the overall returns. “These are expenses that directly affect and reduce the return to investors,” he said. “A mutual fund may have higher total return, but after fees and expenses, the return may be lower than another mutual fund.”

• Stetson Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Studies Jason Evans, Ph.D., was mentioned on July 10 in Wopular article, “People on the Move,” stating that Evans was appointed interim executive director of the Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience at Stetson University.

Ciara Torres-Spelliscy

• Law Professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy is quoted in the July 9 Newsweek article, “Trump Campaign Knew Consultant Was Behind Joe Biden Parody Site. Does That Make It a Campaign Finance Violation?”

• Law Professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy is quoted in the July 3 Elite Daily article, “What Might Trump’s Tax Returns Show? Here’s Why They’re A Big Deal.”

• Stetson alumnus Jeff Weakley was featured on July 6 in The Gainesville Sun article, “UF team IDs Shark from DNA in Tooth Left in Man’s foot 35 Years Ago,” about the time that went into identifying the tooth of the shark that bit him while he was a Stetson student.

Other News:

• Stetson student Max Wolf was featured in MiEux Magazine article, “Max Wolf: Portraits Fallen Through the Looking Glass” about his work in photography while pursuing his Bachelor’s in music performance.

• Stetson University was mentioned on July 10 in Sports Destination Management article, “Oracle, ITA Announce Details of Summer Circuit,” as one of the universities which is on the Intercollegiate Tennis Association circuit.

portrait outside
Ellen Podgor

• Law Professor Ciara Torres-Spelliscy is mentioned on a July 6 Election Law Blog post congratulating election law academic professionals on their achievements. Prof. Torres-Spelliscy was awarded the Homer & Dolly Hand Award for Excellence in Faculty Research.

• A paper written by Law Professor Ellen S. Podgor, “Cryptocurrencies and Securities Fraud: In Need of Legal Guidance,” was mentioned on a July 5 Legal Theory Blog post.

• Law Professor Kirsten K. Davis wrote the July 11 Appellate Advocacy Blog post, “Lists as Visual Rhetorical Strategy for Brief Writing: Set-Off and Stack-Up.”

• Law Professor Rebecca C. Morgan wrote the July 3 Elder Law Prof Blog post, “Detroit Mercy Law Looking for Property Prof.” Professor Morgan wrote the July 4 Elder Law Prof Blog post, “Jelly Drops For Folks with Dementia.” Professor Morgan wrote the July 5 Elder Law Prof Blog post, “Does the ALF Industry Need Federal Oversight?” Professor Morgan wrote the July 8 Elder Law Prof Blog post, “Two New Articles to Add to Your Reading List.” Professor Morgan wrote the July 9 Elder Law Prof Blog post, “25% Working Americans Don’t Plan to Retire.” Professor Morgan wrote the July 10 Elder Law Prof Blog post, “Poor Care in Hospice: OIG Report.” Professor Morgan wrote the July 11 Elder Law Prof Blog post, “When Caregivers Themselves Are Old.”

Alumni News:

cup of coffee on a table next to print newspaper

• Stetson alumnus and Double Hatter Noah A. Fischer was featured on July 11 BizWire Express article, “Farr Law Firm Welcomes New Associate Attorney Noah A. Fischer,” which details his rise to associate attorney.

• Stetson alumnus Kendrick White was featured on July 11 Marchmont Innovation News article, “USBC Webinar The Latest on Tech Investment Opportunities with Russian Universities,” detailing his webinar which discussed investment opportunities related to partnering with Russian universities.

• Stetson alumnus, Rev. Bill Britt, Ph.D., was mentioned on July 9 in The Citizens article, “191st Salem Camp Meeting Begins Friday,” as one of the preachers who will be running Salem’s morning and evening worship sessions.

• Stetson alumna Athena Jeanne Zeiter-Hale authored an article through Medium, “The Urgent Need for Comprehensive Human Rights Curriculum in US Public Schools,” on July 5 about the need for public schooling to expand their understanding of human rights based on a document drafted by Eleanor Roosevelt.

• Law alumnus Christopher G. Frey, an accomplished criminal defense attorney, is returning to the law firm of Carlson, Meissner, Hart & Hayslett, P.A., as reported by Business Insider on July 9. Attorney Frey’s writings have been published in both the Stetson Law Review and Florida Bar Journal and have been referenced by state and federal courts, such as the United States Supreme Court.

• Law alumnus Matthew Wilson, who is currently serving as a judge for the First Judicial District of New Mexico, has been assigned to the Yazzie/Martinez vs. the State of New Mexico case. As reported in the Santa Fe New Mexican on July 8, Judge Wilson “will be charged with determining whether the state is complying” with the case’s original ruling, which found that the state had failed to provide students with programs that would prepare them for college and career.