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Stetson University in the News, May 5-11, 2018

Top Stories:

  • Charles Rose

    Law Professor Charles Rose’s quote about detectives attempting to unlock a dead man’s cell phone with his finger was picked up by the May 4 Engadget. The quote originally appeared in the Tampa Bay Times article, “Cops used dead man’s finger in attempt to access his phone. It’s legal, but is it okay?” and has run in more than 200 news outlets in 13 languages.

  • Stetson University adjunct professor Megan Young is one of the many teachers speaking out about the quality of pay for teachers and adjuncts in a protest that took place May 8, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal.
  • Stetson University Assistant Professor of Education Joyce Mundy is one of the two candidates left in the search for the next superintendent of the East Penn School District, as reported by The Morning Call  in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
  • Stetson University Associate Professor of History Kimberly Reiter hosted an event May 8 for the Royal Wedding and how important it is in a historical context, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal.
  • Stetson University students Thomas Oltorik and Jilissa Zoltko won first and second prize in the 2018 Cairns Foundation Challenge, according to the Daytona Beach News Journal.
  •  Law Professor Rebecca Morgan wrote the May 9 Elder Law Prof Blog, “Do You Know the Difference Between Fraud & Financial Abuse?” She also wrote the May 10 Elder Law Prof Blog, “Why can’t Medicare Beneficiaries Use Drug Discount Coupons.”  She is quoted in the May 10 Elder Law Prof Blog, “Pennsylvania ‘Dissolves’ Its Continuing Education Subsidiary – What’s Next?”
  • Law Professor Peter Lake spoke with the May 7 Chronicle of Higher Education for the article, “Court Gives Guidance on Colleges’ Responsibility to Prevent Suicide.”

More Stories:

  • Stetson University Visiting Assistant Professor of Choral Music Education Gregory Lefils, Ph.D, was a guest conductor at the Bel Canto Singers of Daytona’s final concert at Central Baptist in Daytona.
  • Law student Jennifer Winn is featured in the May 9 Tampa Bay Times article, “Student crusader pushed plastic straw ban in Gulfport.”
  • Stetson University Graduate Blaire Park wrote an article for 93.9 KPDQ, a broadcast radio station for Faith & Family, on learning to forgive. “God can use the situation to strengthen you and the forgiven person independently, together with your friendship/relationship, or even in sharing the testimony of the experience to reflect God’s glory and love.”
  • Cathleen F. Molloy, a cook at Stetson who retired in 1991, passed away April 30 at age 90, according to the Lankford Funeral Home website.


  • Stetson alumna, Athena Panagis Constantinou, passed away this past Saturday, according to the Hall-Wayne website.
  • The May 4 Villages News reports that Law alumna Ashley Moody is running for Florida attorney general.
  • Stetson alumna, Lisa Carlton, was appointed by Governor Rick Scott to be one of fourteen members of the Florida Constitution Revision Commission, according the the Florida Association of Counties website.
  •   According to the May 7 TC Palm, Law alumnus Jeffrey Hendriks is running for judge in the 19th Circuit.