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Thank You from the President

To our Staff and Faculty:

It may be a hackneyed phrase, but this past week has once again proved its truth:  you never know the strength and resilience of a community until adversity hits.  Evidence of this is that the facilities on all four campuses of Stetson University will be functional by Monday and classes will be back in session.  

migshot Wendy LIbby

Wendy B. Libby

Those of you who were not involved in the return of full functioning missed seeing the incredible efforts of your peers who time and time again put our university’s interests above their own as they left their homes (many without power and air conditioning) to come to our campus to:

  • clear downed trees, limbs and brush;
  • restore power and cooling;
  • strategize solutions for reconvening classes in operable facilities as soon as possible;
  • check and bring back up fire alarm and electric lock systems;
  • confirm functioning of IT services for our classrooms and network;
  • assure public safety;
  • craft and post/send communication to keep everyone informed;
  • assess and repair building damage and water incursion;
  • prepare food for employees who were on-the-job;
  • continue processing prospective student applications;
  • re-structure the fall 2017 academic calendar;
  • ready and re-open our residence halls and apartments;
  • reprogram athletics events and keep safe our athletes who were still on the road;
  • think through special circumstances for students from South Florida, the Keys and the Caribbean;
  • and so many other tasks that may go unnoticed but most certainly are not unappreciated.

We hope that you and your families are both safe and secure.  One of the benefits of being part of the community of Stetson is the passion we have for our students and the learning that occurs at our four sites every single day.  Thank you for everything you have done toward reinforcing how we care and support one another.  And special thank yous to those who took students into their homes as Hurricane Irma was approaching!

With profound thanks,


Wendy B. Libby, Ph.D.
Stetson University