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Nemec Hall Becomes ‘A Lot More Inviting’

Larry Correll-Hughes stands in front of Nemec Hall

Nemec Hall, which houses 150 Stetson students, underwent a transformation during the summer, according to Larry Correll-Hughes, above, with Housing & Residential Life.

First-year student Garrett Ware moved into Nemec Hall this month, ready to major in biology and play football as a linebacker for the Stetson Hatters.

“It’s pretty nice so far – nice rooms, nice set-up for me and my roommate,” said the first-year student from Bradenton.

That’s the kind of student feedback that Larry Correll-Hughes in Stetson’s Housing & Residential Life has wanted to hear about Nemec.

The residence hall on the east side of campus underwent a transformation over the summer. Rooms were modified to increase the living space, making them more open and inviting. Lounges received new furniture, larger TV’s, new lighting and new paint, including accent walls.

“It’s really just a dramatic change,” said Correll-Hughes, assistant vice president for Campus Life & Student Success, and executive director of Housing & Residential Life.

He added that improvements also were made to some other residence halls and apartments over the summer. At Nemec, the changes include:

  • The Center Pod was converted into an academic hub for first-year students with quiet study space and group study space. Also added was a seminar room equipped with AV and wireless-connect presentation capabilities – improvements supported with funds from the Student Government Association.
  • A lounge in the basement, beside the laundry facility, was updated with casual furniture and a large TV.
  • Bathrooms received new countertops and integrated sinks, and new lighting was installed in all of the bathrooms and bedrooms, said Al Allen, associate vice president of Stetson’s Facilities Management.

Each Nemec pod of rooms for students features a shared lounge, which this summer received new furnishings, larger TVs and other improvements.

Nemec’s makeover began last January when new landscaping — designed by David Rigsby, a campus landscape architect and manager for Stetson Grounds — was planted in front of the residence hall.

“The Facilities Management staff have done so much to transform this building,” added Correll-Hughes.

Water-bottle filling stations were added this summer for students living in each Nemec pod, and, just like the water fountains, provide more filtration than tap water, Correll-Hughes explained.

“It’s a great sustainability initiative because it saves water, less plastic bottles floating out and about. We have at least one of these in every residential building and in every pod in Nemec,” he said.

Austin Coates lived in Nemec Hall last year and noticed the improvements when he recently returned to campus. He’s a Resident Assistant (RA) and arrived a few weeks early for training and to prepare for students moving in Saturday, Aug. 19, and classes beginning Thursday, Aug. 24.

“They did a really good job in opening up the space in the rooms, and adding more space for everyone to live in,” said Coates, a senior majoring in computer information systems.

“I have seven residents in so far and they said it looks a lot nicer,” he said. “It’s just a lot more inviting.”