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Stetson University Social Media Account Request

Please review the Stetson University Social Media Policy and Guidelines on the Social Media webpage prior to submitting this form. Submit one form per requested platform. We are not accepting requests for Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn or Pinterest accounts.

Upon submission, the social media team will review your request and follow up with any questions. All requests will be reviewed within three to five business days.

Account Contact Information

The account contact information will be public. Personal phone numbers and email addresses are not permitted as account contact information.

Social Administrator Information

Social administrators will be responsible for the use, content and management of the account. Each account must have two administrators and one must be a staff or faculty member.

Social Administrator Signature

I agree that the purpose of the above listed social media account is to positively promote a Stetson University area and the events and news pertaining to it. As the appointed social media administrator for the above account, I will ensure all content is related to the university and does not contain any offensive, suggestive or accusatory material. I have read and agree to all of the documents found on the Stetson University Social Media webpage.