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This is not a scholarship Application. To apply for Scholarships, please visit the Financial Aid offices' scholarship page. This form is for use by who have already received a scholarship to tell the donors about themselves. If you are a returning/continuing Stetson student, please use the Continuing Student Scholarship Recipient Profile Form.

This form will send your profile information to the Office of Donor Relations. By submitting this form, you give permission for the Office of Donor Relations to include your profile information when reporting to donors. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

Please note that once this form is started, it must be completed or your data will be lost. Also, copy and paste has been disabled to prevent the entry of some characters.

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Your Stetson story answers will be sent to your scholarship donor. Please be sure to represent yourself appropriately.

If you are unable to submit a photo at this time, please email [email protected] with your photo or to arrange a time for us to take a photo of you.