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Request To Invite Visiting Scholar

This form is to be used for all levels of the approval process including information required for background check and visa status of Scholars. Additionally, please fill out all fields and review the approval procedures before submitting this form. If the question is not applicable, please enter "n/a" in the form field.

Section I. Host Faculty Member Information

To be completed by the University host faculty member prior to the beginning of the visiting scholar’s program activities.

Section II. Visiting Scholar Information

Contact Address

Other Information

If an agreement is required by the home institution to authorize the visit, the SU host faculty member should request a copy of the agreement from the home institution for endorsement by the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs.

Section III. Visiting Scholar Visa Status

Check one of the following to indicate whether the visiting scholar requires a visa or not. For more information about visa types and related activity, visit the Department of State at:

Note: International visitors classified as Visiting Courtesy Postdoctoral Associate, Visiting Courtesy Graduate Research Assistant, and Visiting Courtesy Undergraduate Assistant must obtain J-1 visas regardless of the length of time of the visit in order to comply with U.S. Immigration regulations unless already on OPT or Academic Training.

For additional assistance, contact [email protected] or 386-822-8165.

Section IV. Purpose of the Visit

Section V. Special Considerations

Intellectual Property: Work at the University that results in intellectual property considerations should be directed to the executive director of academic administration at the Office of the Provost and Academic Affairs.

Section VI. Stetson Funding To Support Faculty-Scholar Activity

Please indicate funding resources you will use in support of the faculty-scholar activity.

Source of funding, including external grants/sponsored projects (Fund, Org, Program, Account Codes)

Source of Funding

Amount of Funding

Section VII. Approvals

I have reviewed the above and certify that the host faculty member (or named alternate) has the available time to provide oversight and supervision of this visiting scholar and that the visit provides a benefit to Stetson University through ongoing and future collaborations, research and information-sharing between the host faculty member (and department/unit) and the visiting scholar. Access to all of the indicated Stetson University facilities is also approved.

I acknowledge that any unrestricted gift from the visiting scholar's home organization may not be made directly to the host faculty member. Funds shall be deposited into a Foundation account as directed by University policy and may be used to defray the visitor's expenses as delineated by agreement between the visiting scholar’s home institution and Stetson University.