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STETSON MAGAZINE: Millennials from student perspective

Stetson Mag coverSTETSON UNIVERSITY MAGAZINE’s current winter issue investigates what the experts say about the Millennial generation and how, specifically, Stetson students reflect those descriptions. 

“In some ways,” said Bill Noblitt, editor of the magazine, “Stetson students are much like any other Millennials. They are tech savvy and want to please their parents. But in other ways, they are quite different from what the so-called experts say about them.”

In his article, “Who Are Today’s Stetson Students?” Noblitt interviews Stetson faculty and staff to delve into what has been written about this generation. In two focus groups — one first year students, the other upperclass — Stetson students comment on the Millennial descriptors used by the experts. Those descriptors, according to two experts, indicate that Millennials are special, sheltered, confident, conventional, team-oriented, achieving and pressured.

This issue also describes how education can go beyond the classroom to include internships, research with faculty and volunteer initiatives.

“One revealing part of  this particular issue is that we asked several students to write short essays on how they would tackle a whole host of concerns, including war and peace, healthcare, climate change and justice,” Noblitt said. “Their responses are thoughtful and reflect Stetson’s rigorous liberal education.”

See the current issue of STETSON MAGAZINE online.