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Kristallnacht: Jewish Holocaust Awareness

The Kristallnacht: Jewish Holocaust Awareness will be the topic of a public lecture at Stetson University, Thursday, Nov. 7, 7:00-8:30 p.m. The lecture will be held in the Stetson Room, second floor of the Carlton Union Building, located at 131 E. Minnesota Ave., on the DeLand campus. The public is invited to this event, free of charge.

Dr. Alan L. Berger, professor of Judaic Studies at Florida Atlantic University where he also directs the Center for the Study of Values and Violence after Auschwitz, will be the guest lecturer.

The Holocaust refers to a specific period in 20th century history: the systematic persecution and annihilation of European Jewry by the Nazis. During this era, millions more, including Roma, the handicapped, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Soviet prisoners of war, and political dissidents died under Nazi tyranny as well.

Participants will look to first understand the Holocaust and a connection will also be made between the lessons of the Holocaust and the human rights issues of recent times.

Berger occupies the Raddock Family Eminent Scholar Chair for Holocaust Studies, the first Holocaust chair established in the state of Florida. He founded and directed the Holocaust and Judaic Studies B.A. Program at FAU, from 1998-2005.

This event is sponsored by the Temple Beth-El, Stetson University’s Religious Studies Program, the Jewish Student Organization and the Cross Cultural Center, and the Central Florida Hillel.

For more information, contact Stetson University’s Cross Cultural Center at (386) 822-7401.