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Carpenter wins award for student advocacy

Rosalie Carpenter

Rosalie Carpenter

Rosalie Carpenter, assistant dean of students at Stetson University, was awarded the Robert D. Bradshaw Small Colleges Student Advocate Award from the National Association of Student Affairs Administrators (NASPA) at its 2013 Region III Awards. The award honors the significant role played by those who champion student issues in a small college setting and beyond.

“It was truly an honor just to be nominated for such a prestigious award to represent Stetson in Region III,” said Carpenter. “I was so humbled that students, faculty and staff made the time to write recommendations acknowledging my work as a student advocate. It is my pleasure and privilege to work with our students every day, and they are the ones that this award should go to. Stetson students make it easy and exciting to come to work every day. I have the best job I could ask for.”

Carpenter, a Stetson alumna, was promoted to assistant dean early last year. She has demonstrated commitment to the mission and goals of Stetson while also serving as a significant and successful student advocate through interaction with individual students and student groups. Carpenter has provided strategic leadership to the Student Development and Engagement Team, while also providing a vision that not only supports a vibrant campus, but connects student engagement to success and retention.

“For the 10 awards, there were over 40 nominations representing seven of the 11 states in Region III, making this a very competitive year for the award’s process,” said Becky Spurlock, Ph.D., associate dean of students at Belmont University, and chair of the NASPA Region III Awards. “The Awards Committee felt uplifted and excited for the amazing work that is happening in Region III, which was beautifully documented in so many of the nominations.”

The award is named for Robert Bradshaw who served as vice president of Student Affairs at Austin College in Sherman, Texas, where he developed and refined the division. This award honors Bradshaw’s significant contribution as a champion of student issues and for challenging those around him to always do the right thing.

by Kim Charles