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TEDx brings power of ideas to StetsonU March 15

Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) is coming to Stetson on March 15.

Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) comes to Stetson March 15!

Through the efforts and hard work of Michelle Vergara, Benjamin Trigani and other Stetson students, Stetson University will host a TEDx event on Friday, March 15. The theme for Stetson’s TEDx event will be Significance in Action: Inspired Learning. The application process for potential presenters is open to the public. All proposals for presentations are due by Wednesday Feb. 13. The speakers selected will be notified on Friday, Feb. 22.

TED, a nonprofit organization with a mission to spread ideas, brings together three different realms of society: TECHNOLOGY, ENTERTAINMENT and DESIGN to discuss a broad range of ideas for topics and conversations. Stetson’s TEDx event will give the Stetson and DeLand communities a chance to engage in thought-provoking presentations, comprised of short talks, demonstrations and performances on a variety of topics relating to the theme.

Significance in Action: Inspired Learning spans a broad base of topics and interests so that the potential speakers have as much freedom in their presentation as possible. The central theme, however, is about how we are able to learn from all kinds of places and life experiences and how learning takes place through opportunities to experience the beauty and complexity the world has to offer. Stetson’s theme centralizes around the ability to learn outside the classroom, and outside books. Applicants have a freedom to share their stories, their ideas, their inspirations, their insights into life.

Significance in Action: Inspired Learning also is meant to inspire the speakers to find their passion and drive for experiencing life to its full potential. The goal is the satisfaction of starting intellectually stimulating discussions and sharing ideas. All speakers will be treated equally; there will be no highlighted keynote speaker. It will give the speakers a chance to voice their articulated ideas and experiences as they relate to the theme.

As the TEDxStetsonU Speaker Proposal Form reads, “Learning takes all kinds of forms, but the lessons that rise above the rest are those which propel our lives forward. These lessons can spell the difference between a significant life and a mediocre one. From where do you draw inspiration? And how does it help you be significant?”

The Stetson TEDx event will be held on March 15, in Allen Hall from 2:30 to 7:30 p.m. Tickets will go on sale Friday, Feb. 22 to both the Stetson community and the public. Only 100 tickets will be available for purchase due to space and TED regulations.

For more information, contact the TEDxStetsonU Organizing Team (Michelle Vergara, Dr. Emily Richardson and Dr. Lua Hancock) at tedxstetsonu@gmail.com<mailto:tedxstetsonu@gmail.com.

By Lauren Robbins, SUM student intern