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Volunteer, study abroad opportunities

The fall 2012 Community Partner Fair (above) will combine this semester with the International: World Office's efforts to let Stetson students know of their study abroad options, as well as projects they can do in the DeLand community.

Stetson’s Community Partner and Study Abroad Fair will be combined for the first time Jan. 31. Students can discover the many opportunities to study abroad or become engaged to serve in the local community. The fall 2012 Community Partner Fair is pictured above.

Want to learn more volunteer and study abroad opportunities?

Stetson’s “Community Partner and Study Abroad Fair,” the first of its kind to be co-hosted jointly for students by the Center for Community Engagement and WORLD (International Learning), is scheduled from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 31, in front of the CUB. Students will have the opportunity to learn about local community non-profits that are service sites, as well as discover the many exciting opportunities to study abroad in the upcoming academic year. Students who attend will be eligible for raffles and door prizes.

This new coordinated partnership is  a direct result of the synergy created by the university’s new values commitment to Global Citizenship, Intellectual Development and Personal Growth.

Community Partners & Volunteer Sites

“We are always looking for ways for students to become more engaged and to challenge themselves,” said Kevin Winchell, assistant director of Community Engagement. “By meeting community partners and learning of volunteer and service-learning opportunities near Stetson, students become more engaged in our community. And, by choosing to study abroad, students challenge themselves to learn and grow in ways they never thought possible. These experiences make a Stetson education truly significant.”

Stetson students volunteer with over 50 different local community partners, and many of those partners will be available at the fair to answer questions and get students connected to volunteer and internship opportunities.

Students wanting to learn more about community partners and volunteer opportunities can visit the Center for Community Engagement at 609 N. Bert Fish Drive, or log in to HatterSync for a full list of partners and opportunities on HatterSync.

Studying Abroad

“Approximately one-third of all Stetson students study abroad before graduating,” said Paula Hentz, Study Abroad Coordinator at WORLD. “Because of this high demand, WORLD has significantly increased the number of options for studying abroad. Between exchanges, faculty-led programs, and the programs offered by affiliates, WORLD offers hundreds of study abroad options available across six continents.”

WORLD now offers 14 exchange programs, including locations in France, Korea, India, England, Scotland, Spain, Russia, Austria, Hong Kong, Thailand, United Arab Emirates and Germany. There are also faculty-led programs, which are short-term visits to places such as Peru, Brazil, South Africa, China and Innsbruck.

Students wanting to learn more about study abroad options can visit WORLD’s new office on 635 N. Bert Fish Drive, or WORLD’s new website at www.stetson.edu/world.