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Music icon teaches Stetson master class

World renowned musician Arturo Sandoval conducted a master class in music improvisation at Stetson’s School of Music Oct. 26.

Arturo Sandoval came to Stetson Friday, Oct. 26, and taught a music improvisational master class in the Feasel Rehearsal Hall inside McMahan Hall, to a group of more than 120 music majors, non-majors, music faculty, non-music faculty and staff from across all university disciplines.

Sandoval is one of the most famous trumpet players of our time. A protégé of the legendary jazz master Dizzy Gillespie, Sandoval has received six Grammy Awards with 17 nominations, six Billboard awards and one Emmy Award. Sandoval can be heard on recordings with everyone from Dizzy Gillespie, Woody Herman, Woody Shaw, Michel Legrand, Bill Conti and Stan Getz, to Johnny Mathis, Frank Sinatra, Paul Anka, Rod Stewart and Alicia Keys, among many others. He performs regularly with leading symphony orchestras around the world and has recorded the John Williams trumpet concerto with the London Symphony Orchestra.

In Sandoval’s master class, he started off playing a beautiful improvised ballad that left everyone in the room in a 10-minute, jaw-dropping state of amazement. His demonstration confirmed his later statement that improvisation is about the creation of the mind.

“Show the audience that you’re having fun, and just relax!” he exclaimed as he picked up his trumpet and starting blowing away to the first improvised scale that he could think of. It could be seen by everyone participating in the class that Sandoval thoroughly enjoyed performing and teaching his audience. Sandoval’s master class concluded with a question and answer session for all staff and students.

His advice to everyone in Feasel Hall that day was very simple. “There are many roads that lead to Rome.  Be absolutely positive that you know exactly what you’re going to do. Be obsessed; be strong.”

His inspiring words offered reassurance to all of the staff and students in the room, that no matter the path you choose, passion and commitment will lead you to your dream.

By Sarah Taylor

SUM Student Assistant