Stetson University moves to Tier 4, sets goal for 70% vaccination rate

John B. Stetson statue wears a mask

John B. Stetson statue wears a face covering

Stetson University has moved to a new Tier 4 of COVID-19 health and safety protocols, offering a balance between the voices on campus calling for a return to pre-pandemic life and others wanting a more cautious approach.

The new Tier 4 took effect Thursday, July 1, and provides greater freedom on campus, such as no facial coverings required in meetings of four or fewer vaccinated people. Groups and gatherings can now accommodate 150 attendees with physical distancing, up from 50 under Tier 3.

Learn more about Tier 4 requirements on the Safer Stetson website.

The new plan also sets a goal for 70% of each campus’s total population to be vaccinated – a threshold that would lift almost all mitigation measures. As of Thursday, July 1, 2,108 people, or more than 40% of the campus’s total population, had been vaccinated and reported their vaccination to Stetson.

infographic about changes once 70% of campus population are vaccinated

Christopher F. Roellke, PhD

The changes will be discussed in an upcoming webinar with Stetson President Christopher F. Roellke, PhD, and other senior administrators. Register now for “Rolks Report Live: Fall Planning Preview” on July 15 at 5 p.m. EDT. More details are below.

The Safer Campus Task Force has been considering a new tier for several months, said Lynn Schoenberg, Task Force co-chair, co-interim vice president of Campus Life & Student Success, and dean of Students.

Lynn Schoenberg, EdS

“We knew in late spring we’d need a next step in the Tiers for fall to take into account a partially vaccinated campus,” she said. “Cases have been very low for some time and our vaccination rate keeps rising, so Tier 4 feels very comfortable right now.

“This plan allows us to maximize in-person engagement while keeping key mitigators in place for safety,” she added.

The 70% vaccination rate was set with guidance in mind from the American College Health Association, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Department of Health. It is based on current thinking and science around potential herd immunity for COVID-19.

Student gets a vaccine on campus
Students get vaccinated for COVID-19 during an on-campus clinic in April.

“It gives us a clear goal to strive for as a community,” she said. “Vaccination is currently our way out of this pandemic.”

She reminded students, faculty and staff that there is still time to help the university reach the 70% vaccination rate and start off the Fall 2021 semester with almost no mitigation measures in place. If you are already vaccinated, help get a friend vaccinated.

Need a vaccine provider? Visit the Safer Stetson Vaccination page. Once you are vaccinated, please voluntarily register your COVID-19 vaccination through the confidential university online form.

“Help us get to 70%,” Schoenberg said.


Fall 2021 Planning Webinar

Rolks Report Live: Fall 2021 Preview
Thursday, July 15, 5-6 p.m. 

Stetson University President Christopher F. Roellke, PhD, will host a preview webinar to provide information on the student experience in Fall 2021. The webinar will include updates from Stetson’s Safer Campus Task Force about our move to Tier 4 and expectations for fall, information on our local COVID-19 rates and the Delta variant, mitigation protocols for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, the status of Stetson’s push to achieve a 70-80% vaccination rate, updates on housing and residential living, and the results of the Safer Stetson Awards.

Preview Fall 2021 planning with:

  • Christopher F. Roellke, PhD, President and Professor of American Studies and Education
  • Christopher J. Smith, MD, Chief Medical Officer, AdventHealth Daytona (local community COVID-19 rates, Delta variant)
  • Lynn Schoenberg, EdS, Co-Interim VP of Campus Life and Student Success, Dean of Students and Co-chair of the Safer Campus Task Force (Vaccination rate, campus tier for opening)
  • Larry Correll-Hughes, PhD, Co-Interim VP of Campus Life and Student Success, Assistant VP and Exec. Director of Residential Living and Learning, (Housing updates, changes, expectations)

Have questions? Get answers by submitting your question prior to the webinar and it will be sent to the panelists to answer. Submitted questions will be answered during the webinar either by the panelists or through a direct response. Similar questions are consolidated.

Register now for Rolks Report Live: Fall 2021 Preview on Thursday, July 15, 5-6 p.m.

The daytime Wellness Station in the Rinker Welcome Center
Stetson University closed all wellness stations, as of Friday, July 2. Community members, including campus visitors and guests, are no longer required to check in at wellness stations prior to coming to or moving about the campus. However, visitors and guests continue to be required to practice physical distancing and wear facial coverings in all indoor spaces. Read more.