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Stetson University in the News, Jan. 31-Feb. 6, 2020

Top Stories:

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Sean Beckmann, PhD

• Assistant Professor of Biology Sean Beckmann, PhD, was quoted in the Feb. 4 article, “The coronavirus is less deadly than SARS so far: Here’s why the fatality rate could rise” at MarketWatch. “It isn’t something that looks like it can hang out on surfaces or in the air for a long time and still be infectious,” Beckmann said. “It looks like it requires pretty close contact, which is why outside this epicenter in China we’re not seeing a lot of human-to-human transmissions.”

• Professor Beckmann was also interviewed in a Jan. 30 segment on the coronavirus phenomena on WFTV, an Orlando-based ABC-affiliate. “Particularly here in Florida, there’s not really much of a concern at the moment, but it is worthwhile being aware of the situation,” Beckmann said.

Chris Ferguson, PhD

• Professor of Psychology Christopher Ferguson, PhD, was quoted in the Feb. 4 Washington Post article, “Why you shouldn’t censor your teen’s reading (even the sex and violence).”

Assistant Professor and Chair of Economics Alan Green, PhD, published the opinion article, “What are our leaders doing to actually make our lives better” in The Tampa Bay Times on Feb. 5

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Stetson University in the News is a weekly roundup of media coverage that mentions Stetson, its faculty, students, staff and alumni.

• Assistant Professor of Education Lou Sabina, PhD, was quoted in a TEACH Magazine article titled, “Leveling Up: Motivating Students Through Gamification.” According to him, double-checking the app is crucial to success in getting students excited with games. “The most important practice for gamification … is to make sure your app and game actually work,” Sabina said.

Valrie Chambers, PhD

• Associate professor of accounting Valrie Chambers, PhD, was quoted in the Feb. 6 Bankroll article, “Can you claim medical expenses on your taxes?

• Visiting Assistant Professor of Health Sciences Ronette Lategan-Potgieter, PhD, was quoted in the Charlotte Post article, “Table Charlotte – Recipes for the Week: When to try ‘souping’ to lose weight” on Jan. 31.

Alumni News:

Peter Urscheler

Stetson alumnus Peter Urscheler ’06 was featured in the February issue of Philadelphia magazine in a story, entitled “Small-Town Heroes.” The story profiled millennial mayors who were trying to save sleepy Philly suburbs, including Urscheler, mayor of Phoenixville. The story noted that he pushed to install 36 new electric-vehicle charging stations in hopes that visitors might shop and dine while they wait, helping merchants and restaurants.