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Science Saturday Explores the Geology of Gems at Gillespie Museum on Feb. 8

Visitors view the Gillespie Museum's rock and mineral collections.
Visitors view the Gillespie Museum’s rock and mineral collections.

Experience sparkling gems and other precious stones during Science Saturday’s We Love Rocks and Minerals on Saturday, Feb. 8, 10 a.m.-noon, at the Gillespie Museum on Stetson University’s campus.

The free, early Valentine’s Day celebration will provide young scientists with an opportunity to learn about rocks, minerals and crystals during a scavenger hunt throughout the “Storied Stone” exhibit, which features seven of the world’s most captivating stones.

Attendees also will have a chance to create greeting cards and origami crystals during a workshop.

Museum director talks to visitors in a display room
Karen Cole, PhD, director of the Gillespie Museum, talks to visitors.

“Nothing says ‘you rock’ or ‘you’re a treasure’ better than a rock or beautiful mineral,” said Karen Cole, PhD, director of the Gillespie Museum. “A handmade card with an earth-made stone is an expression of love, and a way to learn about mineralogy.”

Visitors can also view current exhibits, including “Agatized Coral and Other Silicified Fossils of Florida,” which features 140 fine specimens of agatized coral. The mineralized fossil was chosen by the state legislature in 1979 as Florida’s state rock.

The “Florida Stewards” display includes 20 conservation photographs by the Archbold Biological Station’s environmental educator and conservation photographer Dustin Angell.

The “Storied Stone” exhibit includes quartz crystals at the Gillespie Museum. Photo by Ciara Ocasio/Stetson University

The Gillespie Museum, which is Stetson University’s earth science museum, offers Science Saturday programming for kids once a month from September through April. Children 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.

The Gillespie Museum is located at 234 E. Michigan Ave. in DeLand. For more information, call 386.822.7330 or visit www.stetson.edu/gillespie.

-Sandra Carr