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Stetson University in the News, July 26-Aug. 1, 2019

Top News:

Stetson Professor Pamela Cappas-Toro in classroom in Tomoka state prison.
Assistant Professor Pamela Cappas-Toro listens in the Tomoka Correctional Institution in Daytona Beach.

• Stetson University Assistant Professor of World Language and Cultures Pamela Cappas-Toro, PhD, and visiting Assistant Professor of History Andrew Eisen, PhD, were quoted July 28 in the Santa Rosa Press Gazette article, “One Prison Tries Education to Reduce Mass Incarceration,” and in The Sarasota Herald-Tribune and other media outlets. The article talks about Cappas-Toro and Eisen’s work in the Tomoka Correctional Institution and notes that Stetson is the only four-year university in Florida offering for-credit courses to incarcerated students. “We quickly noticed there was no inmate education,” Cappas-Toro said about when she and her husband Eisen moved to Florida. The story was part of a special project by GateHouse Media, entitled “Wasted Minds.”

Stuart Michelson

• Stetson University Roland and Sarah George Professor and Chair of Finance Stuart Michelson, PhD, was quoted July 26 in article, “Why You Should Consider Small-Cap Index Funds,” appearing in Yahoo Finance and other media outlets. Stuart stated, “An investor should not solely invest in small-cap funds, but adding small-cap funds to a diversified portfolio of large-cap, mid-cap and S&P index funds will benefit an investor by providing a good risk and return balance.”

• Professor of Psychology Chris Ferguson, PhD, was quoted on July 29 in The Mary Sue article, “Study Attempts to Figure Out How Sexualization in Video Games Impact Women – Here We Go.” When it comes to how females are portrayed in games, Ferguson stated, “at the very least, there ought to be more diverse games and ones that present stronger and less sexualized female characters.”

Alumni News:

A cup of black coffee sits beside a newspaper on a table.

• Stetson Alumna Britt McHenry was featured on July 27 in Space Coast Daily article, “Hall of Fame Spotlight: Satellite Alum Britt McHenry Achieves Early Career Success with Jobs at ESPN, Fox News.” The article details McHenry’s rise from high school athlete to reporter with ESPN. She stated, “Growing up here (Brevard County) has taught me very good values and made me appreciative of what I have. I have strong family and friends that gave me a solid foundation that never wavers.”

• Stetson alumnus Scott Harvey was featured on July 26 in St. Clair News-Aegis article, “Reception for Artist Scott Harvey Aug. 4 at Leeds Arts Center,” which details his views on art and his growth from a child artist to feature artist. Harvey’s art will be on exhibit from Aug. 4 to Sept. 6. He stated, “Yes, art is passionate, but for me it’s an extension of myself – it’s a part of me.”

• Alumnus Thomas F. Rebman authored the article, “Vast Majoirty of the Homeless are not Panhandlers” in Space Coast Daily on July 27. The article covers issues with most non-profits’ attempts to assist with providing more to the homeless population.