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Coffee Shop Kiosk Set to Move Temporarily to Rinker Welcome Center

Coffee Shop worker looks through the exterior window where customers order from the Coffee Shop Kiosk.

Kevin Camara, a supervisor with Stetson Dining Services, works the Coffee Shop Kiosk window on Friday, July 13.

The Coffee Shop Kiosk will relocate temporarily to the Marshall & Vera Lea Rinker Welcome Center, beginning in August, to make way for the ongoing renovation and expansion of the Carlton Union Building.

Next month, the new Commons Dining Hall will open in the CUB with double the amount of seating and more food stations where students can customize their food order and watch it be prepared.

Upstairs in the new North Wing, student organizations and Stetson staff are beginning to move into their offices. A new student lounge, new student meeting spaces, the WHAT online radio station, and offices for the Student Government Association and Hatter Network will be open when classes begin Aug. 23.

Students also will find Einstein Bros. Bagels and Johnny Rockets in the Hat Rack, which will not be affected by the ongoing construction.

Exterior of Rinker Welcome Center with students milling about outside.

The Coffee Shop Kiosk will be moved inside the Rinker Welcome Center for Fall Semester 2018.

The last phase of CUB renovation will take place in the South Wing and be completed by early January 2019. That requires the Coffee Shop Kiosk to relocate to the first floor of the Welcome Center, near the north entrance and the stairwell leading to the second and third floors. Construction crews will begin preparing that space for expresso machines and other equipment, and the Kiosk will open there in mid-August, said Barbara Stolz, senior director of Stetson Dining Services.

Then, in early January 2019, a new and expanded Coffee Shop will open in the CUB’s South Wing, as well as a Faculty Lounge. Upstairs will be new offices for Campus Life and Student Success, including for CLaSS Vice President Lua Hancock and Dean of Students Lynn Schoenberg.

“Stetson Dining and Stetson University knew the importance of keeping options for our students and guests,” said Taylor Gabriele-Goodwin, coordinator of Marketing and Finance for Stetson Dining. “While the space in the Welcome Center will be temporary, we knew we needed to come up with a solution for our campus.”