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Stetson University Symphonic Band to Perform Saturday

The Stetson University Symphonic Band, conducted by Douglas L. Phillips, will perform Saturday, April 21, in its final concert of the academic year.

Stetson University Flute Professor Tammara K. Phillips has performed many solo pieces for flute, but it will be “very unique” for her to play three different kinds of flutes during the premiere of a new composition this weekend.

Phillips, D.M., will perform the flute solos with the Stetson Symphonic Band and her husband, Director of Bands Douglas L. Phillips, D.M.A., on Saturday, April 21, during the band’s final concert of the academic year.

Tammara K. Phillips

The couple commissioned the new composition, called “Mosaic in Silver (Poem for Solo Flute(s) and Wind-Metal Orchestra)” by Sydney Hodkinson, who serves as the Almand Chair in Music Composition at Stetson. The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in Lee Chapel. Tickets are free with a Stetson ID, and $10 for adults, $5 for youth and students, and no charge for 12 and younger. Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.

“We commissioned this new work to give us a chance to work with each other and with the students in the Stetson Band on a new piece of music from Dr. Hodkinson,” said Tammara Phillips. “… It is a very unique and exciting experience to have a solo piece for flute and wind ensemble where the soloist performs on three different instruments (alto flute, flute, piccolo) in the course of one composition.”

Said Hodkinson, D.M.A., “A special thing about it is that when the silver idea came to me, I thought about the sight of silver percussion instruments going along with the silver flute, surrounding her. So there are seven percussionists in the work and they play metal instruments only.”

Sydney Hodkinson

The concert will feature an eclectic mix of music and include a performance by the Stetson Trombone Choir under the direction of trombone professor David Schmidt. The Stetson Symphonic Band is the School of Music’s premier wind/brass/percussion ensemble with 114 undergraduate musicians.

“Syd’s new piece is really coming together!” wrote band Conductor Douglas Phillips in an email. “It is always exciting to hear the evolution of a new piece of music as the students in the Stetson Band work to bring it to life. What has made this particular experience even more special for me has been the opportunity to collaborate with my wife and colleague, Tammy – I am grateful to Syd for giving all of us this new work of art!”