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A New Name: Residential Living & Learning

Stetson requires students to live on campus for three years, recognizing the important role the experience plays in their undergraduate education.

Dr. Rajni Shankar-Brown speaks in a student lounge in the historic dorm to a group of female students.

Stetson Professor Rajni Shankar-Brown, Ph.D., speaks with students in Chaudoin Hall on Stetson’s historic DeLand campus.

But studies have shown students at Stetson don’t always connect the Office of Housing and Residential Life with the growth and learning that come from on-campus living. So the office is changing its name to Residential Living & Learning.

The staff provide a safe and inclusive environment for more than 2,000 students in residence halls, apartments and Greek housing on the DeLand campus, said Larry Correll-Hughes, Executive Director of Residential Living & Learning, and Assistant Vice President of Campus Life and Student Success.

Larry Correll-Hughes

“We create environments of belonging and engagement that facilitate personal growth, promote intellectual development, and inspire global citizenship,” he said. “There are important things that students learn about themselves in interacting with other people that will pay huge dividends in their interpersonal relationships throughout the rest of their lives, both in their private lives as well as in their professional lives.

“We have made a big shift in what we’re about, and the name change is a reflection of that,” he said. “Residential Living & Learning captures that in a very succinct and intuitive way that resonates with students.”