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Hurricane Irma delays Stetson’s Business Case for Sustainability Seminar

Update, Sept. 21: Due to Hurricane Irma, the Business Case for Sustainability seminar will be delayed and rescheduled, according to Adam J. Talbot, director of Stetson’s Professional and Corporate Education. A new date will be announced soon for the seminar, originally scheduled for Friday, Sept. 22.


As Central Florida’s population continues to grow rapidly, increasing strain is being placed on the region’s delicate ecosystems. A one-day seminar will provide community and business leaders with innovative ways to enjoy the economic benefits of population growth while protecting the area’s natural resources. The Business Case for Sustainability seminar will be held at Stetson University’s historic DeLand campus on Sept. 22 and will provide a practical, in-depth approach to sustainable business practices.

Wendy Anderson, Ph.D.

Sustainability makes a difference to the ecosystem, consumers and profitability. Participants in this seminar will learn from top experts in Florida ecosystems, sustainability management and green building, as well as how to lead, manage and transform current business practices into a more sustainable operation while also considering financial profitability.

“Many businesses have demonstrated that implementing sustainability efforts not only minimizes environmental impact and increases good will among customers, but also increases profits through both operational savings and expansion of market share,” said Wendy Anderson, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Environmental Sciences and Studies at Stetson University. “We are excited to bring together faculty experts and community leaders to provide businesses with ideas and incentives for embracing sustainability.”

Deborah Goldring, Ph.D.

With topics ranging from “Financing Sustainability” to “Green Marketing and Consumer Choice,” the seminar will provide a framework for sustainability management with a focus on real-world application. Participants will learn to find win-win opportunities for sustainable changes with a positive impact on the bottom line, justify sustainability goals to organizational decision makers and gain competitive advantage while satisfying customer needs through green marketing.

“Companies need to examine the impacts of their marketing strategies on society and the environment,” said Deborah Goldring, Ph.D., professor of marketing at Stetson University. “This means re-evaluating their product and service portfolios and the way these offerings are created, produced, and promoted. This seminar will help managers reflect on these difficult and complex issues.”

business administration, Stetson University

The Lynn Business Center is located on Stetson’s DeLand campus.

Experts include from Stetson University: Goldring,  Anderson, John Tichenor, Ph.D., chair and associate professor of management, and Clay Henderson, J.D., executive director of the Institute for Water and Environmental Resilience, as well as Chris Castro, director of sustainability for the City of Orlando and Ken LaRoe, CEO of First GREEN Bank.

The Business Case for Sustainability is Sept. 22, at Lynn Business Center, 345 N. Woodland Blvd., DeLand, FL 32723 on the Stetson University campus. The cost for attendance for the one-day seminar is $199 with registration available online.