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Financial Friday: Protect Your Accounts – Change PINs and Passwords

Valrie Chambers, Ph.D., Stetson University professor

Valrie Chambers, Ph.D.

When was the last time you changed your PIN and passwords for your bank and credit cards?

Passwords should be changed often because online accounts can be hacked from your side, but also from the companies’ side. Dealing with a compromised card can rob valuable time (and money) away from your summer.

Betty Thorne, Stetson University

Betty Thorne, Ph.D.

Take 15 minutes today and change these passwords and PINs to other, strong passwords that have capital letters, numbers and special characters.


Valrie Chambers, Ph.D., associate professor of taxation and accounting, and Betty Thorne, Ph.D., professor of statistics and the Christian R. Lindback Chair of Business Administration, write Financial Fridays to bolster students’ financial wellness including preventing financial mistakes, safeguarding their assets and identity, and thinking critically about financial decisions. For questions, contact Valrie Chambers at Valrie.chambers@stetson.edu.