‘Disorderly’ students interrupt Stetson’s Palm Court

Monica Webb put 125 ducks in the fountain in Palm Court, hoping her fellow Stetson University students would “rescue” them and take them home.

Monica Webb
Stetson University senior Monica Webb put 125 rubber duckies in the fountain in Palm Court for her public art display and was surprised how quickly they found homes with fellow students.

After an hour and a half, only eight of them remained.

“They were there for people to take and adopt — that was the idea of it,” said Webb, a senior from Lake Mary who’s majoring in art history. “I had put fortunes around their necks, not really fortunes, just like famous quotes that you come across.”

Her art work, “You’re the One: A Rubber Duck Rescue Project,” was one of 14 pieces set up in Palm Court Tuesday afternoon by students from two art classes taught by adjunct professor Brittany Metz. The art work will remain on display until Friday at noon for the exhibit, called “Disorderly Construct 2: Another Interruption in the Court.”

“It is something to enjoy visually at the end of the semester, a little kind of whimsical and a lot of the students have made things that other students can participate in. It’s interactive. It’s a break from the monotony, especially the studying,” Metz said.

The students, working in small groups or individually, scouted out a spot in popular Palm Court and submitted a proposal for their pieces of public art. They had to suggest materials and take into account the weather, although Tuesday’s rain worried some of the artists.

Cat Keve, a sophomore from Cranbury, New Jersey, majoring in digital arts, was busy setting up strips of flowing fabric and envelopes filled with photos and inspirational sayings.  Called “No Nonsense Notes,” the art work also had knitted afghans on the grass beneath it.

“It’s ascetically pleasing,” said Keve, adding that she and her partner, Olivia Valiante, hoped it would help students relax before final exams next week. “We went with these colors so it was comforting. We went with (knitted) rugs so it was roomy, homey. We didn’t know it was going to blow like this (in the wind). It’s really gorgeous.”

Stetson University art students Olivia Valiante, on ladder, and Cat Keve install their public art, entitled “No Nonsense Notes” in Palm Court this week.

Professor Metz said she hopes to have student do another public art display in the spring, although next time the art work will be scattered across campus, not concentrated in Palm Court. To read about the art work, go to the Disorderly Construct website.

“I think it’s a really good opportunity for the students who may or may not be art majors to get the experience to display their work for multiple people,” said Whitney Wolf, a senior and teaching assistant for Metz (who displayed his art work in the show last semester). “Everyone took it very seriously. The art really allows them to shine and express themselves.”