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5 Minutes with … Bob Huth

Bob Huth

Bob Huth is Stetson’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer.

Tell us about your job at Stetson?

 As Stetson’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, I have ultimate responsibility for the University’s Budget, Facilities, Finances, Human Resources, Investments, Legal Affairs, and Real Estate.  I have a wonderful team of professional colleagues who provide excellent support in all these areas.  That has proven to be extremely beneficial in helping Stetson move forward in a difficult higher education environment. 

How long have you worked here?

 I started work at Stetson University in July 2011 after working in various CFO roles at Middlebury College (13 years) and Moravian College (6 years) as well as 13 years in the financial area at Lehigh University. My attraction to Stetson was due to President Wendy Libby’s vision of growth and vitality for the University at a time when other higher education institutions were retrenching and downsizing due to an unfavorable economic environment. Given my experience, I felt I could help with this.


Bob Huth

Stetson Sociology Professor Diane Everett and Bob Huth, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, talk about the search for an Executive Vice President and Provost. The two are co-chairs of the Search Committee.

What do you like most about your work?

 It’s fun and satisfying. The camaraderie and team spirit at Stetson is palpable.  I truly enjoy working and socializing with Stetson’s faculty, staff, and students.  Stetson is a special place providing great value to our society.  Our faculty and students are smart and motivated to make our world better.  For me, it feels really good to be a part of all of this and help make it happen.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned while working at Stetson? 

I have learned (and seen) how much a University can achieve when everyone is working toward the same goals. I have also discovered how strong the relationship is among the City of DeLand and the University, most likely due to Henry DeLand’s desire to have a strong educational presence as he started to build his Florida venture.

 When people ask you about Stetson, what do you say?

 Stetson is a high quality University that does an excellent job in making our future world a much, much better place.  Our faculty provides a transforming educational experience for our students that produces a future generation of informed, capable and compassionate citizens. Our students receive great benefits from its robust liberal arts foundation and well known pre-professional and professional programs.



Education: Moravian College, Bachelor of Arts, magna cum laude with Honors in Economics; Lehigh University, MBA with emphasis on Investments; and Certified Public Accountant, State of Pennsylvania

Hometown: Nazareth, Pennsylvania

Family: Barbara and I are the proud parents of four daughters and 7.4 grandchildren. Tina and Praveen Keshava live in Rutland, Vermont, with their children Lila, Julie, Ankur, and Anisha; Lissa and Kenny Smith live in Frederick, Maryland, with their children, Andrew and Emily; Kara and Jeff Murphy live in Guilford, Connecticut, with Graycen and .4, due in mid-April; and Nora lives in DeLand.