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The Only One Sure Thing Is …..Change!

Boundless LearningWhether you’re looking to change careers, your business’ game plan, your résumé, or if you’re a lifelong learner, Stetson University’s Boundless Learning Department can provide innovative solutions to meet evolving learning needs in a non-traditional way. Boundless Learning seeks to enhance the university mission of educating diverse individuals who dare to be significant by providing educational resources to leaders in various private and public organizations in order to identify and utilize economic, market and social trends.

Two new vehicles for driving individual career change, résumé boosting and the empowering of groups and organizations, are the Drupal and Project Management Programs.

Drupal is a web platform used by more than a million enterprises around the world including, Weather.com and Whitehouse.gov, to develop, administer and design websites. Project Management is the discipline of grooming distinct technical skills that enable invaluable and highly sought after project managers to conceptualize, systemize and execute defined tasks to meet pre-defined objectives.

DrupalThe courses in Boundless Learning’s Project Management Certificate Program offer two different options. Participants can attend either all segments of the program, culminating with a Project Management Institute Certification Readiness; or enrollees can elect to attend any specific individual Project Management component of their choosing. The Drupal Program takes participants through a 12-week course that equips them with a tool belt full of knowledge, enabling them to build a website from scratch.

These two programs are not only game-changers for new career path seekers and business owners, but are valuable assets for consultants and current Drupal users to upgrade their knowledge base to current content management systems, and for project managers to update their skills in current Project Management practices.

“All programs offered under the Boundless Learning umbrella, are customizable courses,” said Toni Castillo, director of Boundless Learning and Stetson alumna, class of 2001. “We tailor classes for strategic business partners and organizations looking to provide an employee benefit of education to enhance workers’ skill sets, adding power to one of businesses’ biggest assets – their employees!”

Fall 2015 marks the third anniversary of Boundless Learning at Stetson University. It too has experienced changes since 2012, now offering programs with over 425 Lifelong learners at both Stetson’s Celebration and DeLand campuses.

Classes through the Project Management Certificate Program begin Aug. 11. Stetson’s Drupal Career Certificate Program begins Sept. 15. Come get a free “Taste of Drupal” on Aug. 17.

To register for these and other Boundless Learning Programs and special group pricing, contact Midge McDaniel, Boundless Learning’s Concierge at mmcdanie@stetson.edu, or call 321-939-7619.

by Caroline Skinner