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The university's vision for the new, two-story, 40,000-square-foot Cici and Hyatt Brown Hall for Health and Innovation (aka Brown Hall) is to create spaces and experiences that will allow ideas, learning and interests to converge and evolve into ground-breaking discoveries and innovative pedagogy. Add your name to a space and help support Stetson in delivering a high-quality educational experience for students and future leaders. Read more...

At Stetson, majors within the natural sciences are the top fields of inquiry for prospective students, and Health Sciences and Biology are two of the university's most popular undergraduate majors. Positions the healthcare industry are among the fastest growing occupations between now and 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and universities such as Stetson have an important role in supplying the future workforce. These upward trends were in part why Cici and Hyatt Brown decided to invest in the expansion of the physical space for Stetson's health and science programs.

The design of the new facility will encourage spontaneous collaborations that are critical for interdisciplinary discoveries. Flexibility in the design of the new building will support the continued development of Stetson's interdisciplinary successes over time.

Brown Hall will be home to these College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) areas of study:

  • Center for Optimal Health Across the Lifespan (COHAL)
  • Environmental Science and Studies (ENSS)
  • Graduate program in Counselor Education Health Sciences (HS)
  • Public Health Sustainable Food Systems

The ultimate goal of the new facility is to help elevate Stetson's presence in health sciences and the natural sciences; to attract more top-notch students, faculty and researchers; increase student interest in science; increase Stetson’s competitiveness for research grant funding opportunities; accelerate the readiness of students to meet the academic demands of health professional schools; and improve the health outcomes of Volusia County and the larger community through community engagement.

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Main Lobby

Main Floor

  • Common Area | 1,237 sq. ft. | $200,000

At the entrance of Brown Hall is a large common area that communicates the University's vision for the new building and its inhabitants. The connection back to Sage Hall will preserve and strengthen the interdisciplinary interaction between disciplines.


Grand Staircase

Main Floor

  • Staircase Area | $100,000

The openness of the building's design extends to the grand staircase, which guides traffic upstairs while encouraging interaction among community members.


Administration Area

Main Floor

  • Reception Area | 337 sq. ft. | $30,000
  • Offices | 130 sq. ft. | $20,000

A reception area welcomes gatherers and serves as a resource for visitors to navigate the building's offerings.


Student Lounge AND STUDY AREA

Second Floor

  • Study Bar | 421 sq. ft. | $10,000
  • Student Lounge | 500 sq. ft. | $40,000
  • Offices | 130 sq. ft. | $15,000 to $20,000

Incorporating a diverse mix of formal and informal spaces, the Student Lounge encourages collaboration and opportunity. This casual setting also invites students to relax, study, and eat between classes.


Upper Main corridor

Second Floor

  • SMART Lab | 504 sq. ft. | $100,000
  • Play Therapy Classroom | 766 sq. ft. | $75,000

Located off the Main Corridor, a multitude of classrooms will accommodate traditional lecture styles, small groups and active learning. These areas will include a SMART Lab, Play Therapy room, and faculty and staff offices.


If you would like more information about the named spaces featured here and on the comprehensive list at the link below, please contact Tara Hamilton at 386-822-7993 or [email protected]. For your convenience, you can MAKE A GIFT today.