Writing Fellows

The Stetson University Writing Fellows Program is a Writing Center initiative designed to improve student writing and support faculty members teaching Writing-Enhanced (WE) courses. Fellows are undergraduate students who successfully complete a three-credit advanced composition and writing center pedagogy course (ENGL 324) and demonstrate exceptional promise as course-embedded peer writing tutors.

What do fellows do?

The support offered by a writing fellow (approximately 5 hrs per week) includes, but is not limited to, the following academic activities:

  • Meeting with students one-on-one outside of the classroom
  • Providing written comments on drafts prior to paper submission
  • Assisting with in-class peer review/writing workshop sessions
  • Teaching in-class mini-lessons on writing topics

What are the benefits?

First, embedding a writing fellow within a course ensures that students regularly receive feedback on their writing. Second, communication between an instructor and writing fellow promotes greater consistency and clarity in the feedback given to the students' writing. Finally, fellows are able to establish a relationship with students in the course and become familiar with them as writers, making for more productive conferences.

How do I request a fellow?

You are eligible for a writing fellow if you:

  • Are a faculty member teaching a course that asks students to submit multiple written drafts of assignments
  • Will have less than 20 students in a course
  • Are willing to require that all enrolled students work with the assigned fellow at least once through out the semester
  • Are willing to communicate regularly with the assigned fellow to discuss assignments, due dates, etc

Current Fellows (Fall 2021)

  • Alexa Koch
  • Alexis Diamond
  • Alyssa Louk
  • Caroline Goodman
  • Josiah Ward