WebGarage is Stetson University's web-based content management system. WebGarage allows individuals to edit their university website without having to know how to program for the web or having to install any special software on their computers.

Since all websites hosted by the university and accessible through WebGarage are considered "official websites," they'll be given the university's consistent look and feel in accordance with our brand guidelines. There are several important advantages offered by using a common look and feel:

  1. Users of the website will quickly become familiar with using the website and thus will find what they're looking for much quicker.
  2. You can focus on developing content without having to worry about the overall design.
  3. As new technology and design techniques come out, we can quickly roll them out to the university's entire website with minimal user impact.

Accessing WebGarage

Accessing and using WebGarage is easy:

  1. First, you need to be an authorized user of your department's website. If you need access to WebGarage, have your supervisor email web@stetson.edu requesting access for you.
  2. Next, attend a training session. These are mandatory for first-time users.
  3. Finally, open WebGarage in any modern browser.