Workshop Block 2

Workshop Block 2 is scheduled between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m. Choose a workshop's title to see more information about it. Students can scan for cultural credit after the workshop block has completed in front of the Carlton Union Building.

Plenary Workshop: Guts Before Glory

  • Value: Global Citizenship
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Irshad Manji
  • Location: Rinker Welcome Center, Lynn Presentation Room

Judging from the showdown in Charlottesville, there's no hope for reconciliation in the United States today. Or is there?

Irshad Manji is the world's only professor of "moral courage" -- the one value that's needed for positive social change. In this dynamic workshop, Irshad will show how moral courage can turn polarization into a constructive conversation, and then into action.

Get ready to learn the secret of becoming a gutsy global citizen in 21st century America...

How Well Do You Know Your IX?

  • Value: Personal Growth
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Cathy Downes, Diane Everett, Cecil Chik, Scott Kern
  • Location: Library 25L

Do you enjoy a little healthy competition? Are you either a self-proclaimed expert on Title IX? Or do you think Title IX is the name of best-seller on the NY Times top 10 list? Come and engage in a high energy gameshow and learn some important facts about Title IX. Title IX is making headlines across the country, improve your knowledge on this topic to help stop it from happening at Stetson. Whether you play, cheer or coach, you will learn!

What is DACA & How Can You Support Your Undocumented Peers?

  • Value: Global Citizenship
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Chris Furino, Alejandra Salinas Garcia, Anallely Becerra Barajas
  • Location: Lynn Business Center 108 Rinker Auditorium

In this conversation facilitated by Hope CommUnity Center, students will learn about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and who are the recipients of it. We’ll discuss what may happen if DACA is taken away and ways students can advocate for pieces of legislation that will benefit DACA recipients, DREAMERs, and more. In the workshop, facilitators will share their personal experiences about how DACA has helped them in a means to help students better understand how complex the Immigration system is and break down some stereotypes about the undocumented community.

Eye to Eye Senior Sensitivity Training

  • Value: Personal Growth
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Cathy Coates,
  • Location: Lynn Business Center 122

The Eye to Eye Senior Sensitivity Workshop will dispel your misconceptions about aging and encourage you to treat the elderly with respect and understanding. Elders are present in every aspect of our lives and local statistics show that the senior population of Volusia County is on the rise at a rate that overshadows any other demographic segment. How we perceive and interact with our elders is key to creating a better community for all to live in. Each participant will be involved with hands-on exercises that demonstrate what it actually feels like to grow old.


  • Value: Intellectual Development
  • Presentation Type: Birds of a Feather
  • Presenter(s): Alan Green, Students from Omicron Delta Epsilon, the Economics Honors Society, David Suellau
  • Location: Lynn Business Center 123

Everyone values peace, love, freedom, and a free lunch, but, as we like to point out in economic, there ain’t no such thing. Everything comes with a cost, so Values Day is a perfect time to consider those hidden costs behind everything from food at university events to campus climate consultants to promises from politicians. Students from Omicron Delta Epsilon, the economics honors society, will lead a discussion of hidden costs, tradeoffs and smart decision making on campus and in their lives.

The Propaganda Experiment

  • Value: Intellectual Development
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Michael Barnes,
  • Location: Lynn Business Center 124

Propaganda has an awful reputation, as it is associated with unethical manipulation; as opposed to rhetoric (the art of persuasion), propaganda often deliberately omits essential information and/or uses heighten pathos to gloss over logical deficiencies. Techniques associated with propaganda include using loaded words (i.e. name calling and/or ad hominem attacks), transfer (an illogical association between positive/negative terms), or snob appeal (linking luxury with an act or priority) (Jowett). However, the traditional definition of propaganda carries no pejorative meaning, since the strategies can be applied for either ethical or unethical goals. The term only garnered a negative connotation with its association with Nazi war posters and rallies in WWII. The Catholic Church, in fact, created the concept as a means to attract wayward followers during the reformation/counter-reformation. Given this informing context, it is understandable that propaganda is being reconsidered by pedagogues as a legitimate and ethical means to achieve positive civic action. Advertisements aggressively dissuading smokers from smoking and the iconic Uncle Sam posters are notable examples.

In this interactive workshop, participants engage in a student exercise from my ENGL 141 class, one that explores whether propaganda can be taught ethically. In general, the exercise foregrounds interdisciplinary writing, undergraduate research, civic engagement and ethics.

Find Your Voice: Prep for Class Presentations

  • Value: Intellectual Development
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Haley Gaynor, Mitzi Dykes
  • Location: Lynn Business Center 220

Do you have Glossophobia?!?! Over 75% of people have this fear; some even fear this more than death. The symptoms include a rapid heartbeat, severe sweating, shaking, and dry mouth. Sound familiar? Glossophobia is the fear of public speaking. Whether you're a first-year student or a senior, the probabilities are that you still get anxious with class presentations. In this workshop, we will work together to help you conquer this fear and improve your public speaking skills. If you want to quiet those butterflies when you present or want to refine your already strong speaking skills, this is the workshop for you.

Academic Integrity, Stetson's Core Values and Life Beyond

  • Value: Intellectual Development
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Cynthia Bennington, The Honor System Council, led by President Kathryn Renae Metcalf
  • Location: Lynn Business Center 221

Not sure about unauthorized group collaboration? Witness a mock hearing for alleged unauthorized group collaboration and BE a member of the Council. As a council member, in addition to determining whether or not a violation of the Honor Code occurred, you will determine sanctions should a violation have occurred. Discuss how academic dishonesty can be avoided. Reflect on what academic integrity means to Stetson and your future.

It's About Service: Alternative Break Opportunities at Stetson University

  • Value: Global Citizenship
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Clare Sullivan, David Bailey, Nicolette Alayon, Chloe Foster, Sydney Arrington, Courtney Converse, Cathryn Sandborn
  • Location: Lynn Business Center 222

A distant destination, a close-knit group of friends, a welcoming non-profit. These are all factors for an Alternative Break trip that students have the opportunity of participating in every year. Come to this workshop to learn about global citizenship opportunities through Alternative Breaks.

Examining Poverty and Homelessness in the Context of Values: A Call to Action

  • Value: Global Citizenship
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Rajni Shankar-Brown,
  • Location: Lynn Business Center 223

Families with children are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population in the United States, and particularly in the state of Florida. Economic well-being of children in the sunshine state is consistently ranked as one of the lowest. Additionally, Florida continues to be identified as one of the most dangerous states for the homeless, with hate crimes increasing at alarming rates. Growing economic inequality in the U.S. requires communities to reflect on values and mindfully address multilayered issues, including dismantling systemic oppression. This interactive session will explore the complex dynamics of socioeconomic inequality within the context of values and highlight the myriad effects of homelessness on children and youth – putting forth a call to action to collectively rethink how we address poverty, to mobilize, and to mindfully advance equity and justice.

International Internships: How to Build your Resume Abroad

  • Value: Personal Growth
  • Presentation Type: Facilitated Panel
  • Presenter(s): Amy Barber, Paula Hentz and Student Panel
  • Location: Lynn Business Center 318

Every year, Stetson University students pursue challenging and exciting internships overseas. They work in Parisian fashion houses, learn more about Chinese business culture, and intern with environmental sustainability programs in Australia, all while increasing their cultural communication skills. Join us for a panel discussion with Stetson students to hear about these experiences directly from the source. Students will share their own experiences, from choosing an opportunity to financing their time abroad. Attendees will gain a better understanding of Stetson's various options, whether for themselves or for their students.

Meditation 101: How Scheduled Stillness Can Improve your GPA

  • Value: Personal Growth
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Kait Forsythe
  • Location: Rinker Environmental Learning Center

Meditation is the process by which we withdraw our attention from the outer world and concentrate it inwards. Physicians, psychologists, and various health professionals recommend meditation as a tool to manage the things that get in the way: stress, anxiety, depression, physical illness and more. Do you ever find when you go to work on an assignment, your mind is tempted by distractions? In this Jyoti meditation workshop, we will learn how to be still and narrow our focus despite our mind's resistance.

If we can cultivate a regular meditation practice, we will find ourselves operating from a place of calm clarity that will feed all areas of our lives: work, relationships, home, and especially school.

Beyond You

  • Value: Global Citizenship and Personal Growth
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Dr. James Hilton, John Sellers
  • Location: Sage 218

Every day we look around our world and communities to see injustice, pain, and oppression. There is a desire within us to take a stand and live a life that makes a difference in the world. But what gives you the ability to make a real impact and to bring needed change? How do you identify what it is that drives you past simply desiring for things to be better and moves you into a lifetime of influence? It starts with living for something beyond yourself.

What’s In A Word?—Defining Diversity and Creating Inclusivity

  • Value: Global Citizenship
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Shawnrece Campbell, Drew Macan, Maria Francis, Elisabeth Poeter, Daniel Barber, Alyssa Morley, Luisa De Guzman, Jason Myree
  • Location: Sage 222 (Flipped Classroom)

Creating a culture of inclusivity begins on an individual basis. It is erroneous to think that you don’t need to contribute to inclusivity on an individual basis until you feel included. Rather the model of doing more to include individuals who are characteristically diverse from ourselves in our various cultural spheres should be adopted. If we all do more to include our neighbors, pretty soon we will feel included too.

Islam and You

  • Value: Global Citizenship
  • Presentation Type: Interactive Workshop
  • Presenter(s): Eman Abd EL Halim, Eman El Sayed El Taher
  • Location: Sage 257

Islam is oppressive, right? Wrong! Do feminists wear Hijab? Yes! In the workshop, “Islam and You”, we will discuss women's role in Islam, their contributions, as well as the misconceptions about women in Islam. In addition to this, participants will learn basic Islam principles, discover new sides to Islam, and understand how Islam integrates with other religions and thoughts to maintain a peaceful world. At the end, participants will gain new and surprising insight about the Prophet Muhammad; ”Peace Be Upon Him”.